MAC Makeup: The 10 Most Desired Products by Brazilians

One of the most beloved make-up brands by women is MAC. With varied products and super-desired colors, she has one of the lines of makeup most used by women and makeup artists. If you are interested in purchasing a branded product or just want to know what MAC hits are, this is for you.

The company has its own virtual store and both the American and the Brazilian store have a ranking of MAC's best selling products.

The top 10 of both stores have some similar products, but most differ. While in the United States the most desired product is eye shadow, in the Brazilian store, lipstick is the number 1 darling of women, followed by the famous brand gel eyeliner and skinfinish illuminator.

10 MAC Products Women Want Most

Check out the top 10 most darling products from MAC and find out what are the most popular colors of each, which bloggers indicate it and why the product may be a buy option for you.

1. MAC Lipsticks

Year in, year out, MAC creates wish lipsticks that are used by celebrities and bloggers around the world, making the product dear to many women. With great pigmentation and durability, the lipsticks top the ranking of the best selling products here in Brazil.

The Ruby Woo color is one of the most traditional among the brand's lipsticks. It's the classic opaque red that every woman needs. But there are also other colors that are desired by women like the other reds and wine shades of the brand, such as Russian Red, Diva and Rebel, variations of pink, such as Saint Germain, Snob, Please Me and Angel, and more. purplish like Up the Amp.

MAC colors and lipsticks are part of the makeup catalog of any blogger who loves the colors, finishes and durability of products, as well as any woman who likes a good lipstick.

Price: R $ 66 at MAC

2. Fluidline Gel Eyeliner

Better known by its name, Fluidline, the MAC eyeliner also tops the list of best selling products here in Brazil. It is consistent to the right extent, has great pigmentation, and lasts all day. It's perfect for making that kitty outlined.

MAC's Brazilian store only sells the black color, named Blacktrack, which is the most used and the most traditional. However, other stores, such as Brazilian Sephora, have a wider range of colors such as black with gliter, brown, purple, green, blue.

Julia Petit, from the Petiscos website, is one of the bloggers who loves Fluidline to make outlines. Another one who uses and approves the product is blogger Karen Bachini, from the blog Hey Beauty. What is not lacking are admirers for the brand eyeliner.

Price: R $ 66 at MAC

3. Mineralize Skinfinish Illuminator

Another hit of the brand that makes women even more beautiful is the powder illuminator, Mineralize Skinfinish. It has the power to illuminate and highlight parts of the face or body with a soft, natural glow.

The most commonly used color is Soft and Gentle, it is sparkling champagne in gold. Very beloved by blogger Marina Smith, from 2beauty, she is also used a lot in the makeup of blogger Camila Coelho, blog Supervaidosa.

Price: $ 129 at MAC

4. Studio Finish Concealer

Every woman always has an imperfection that she wants to camouflage. The concealer is the best weapon for this and one of the best on the market is MAC's Studio Finish Concealer. It is a very consistent, high coverage and opaque concealer. Great for hiding dark circles and pimples.

The color of the concealer will vary depending on the tone of your skin. The brand's Brazilian store offers only two colors, but the brand offers a variety that includes 15 colors, which will surely make you find a shade that suits your skin. Who uses here are the bloggers Bruna Tavares, Pause for feminices, Camila Coelho, Supervaidosa, and Priscila Paes, Passando Blush.

Price: $ 89 at MAC

5. Concealer Pro Longwear

Another very beloved concealer used by Brazilian women is the Pro Longwear Concelear. Unlike Studio Finish, this product is not as consistent as it is liquid and has medium coverage. However, it is long lasting and super suitable for those who need a makeup that lasts all day.

Like the product above, the color of this concealer also depends on the tone of your skin. The Brazilian store sells 15 concealer colors, the same amount offered by the American store. This concealer is the darling of bloggers Niina Secrets and Constanza Fernandez of the blog Futilish.

Price: $ 89 at MAC

6. Base Studio Fix

Most makeup artists claim that well-groomed skin is the secret of professional makeup. For sure, using the Studio Fix Fluid base from MAC you will get a wonderful effect.It is a high coverage product and its effect is opaque. Ideal for evening events and for those who expect flawless skin.

In the Brazilian store are sold 23 base colors. Already in the American store the availability of colors is much higher, there are 35 colors in total. For sure, one of these colors will look perfect on your skin. Who has used this base is the blogger Juliana Goes and also Camila Coelho, from Supervaidosa.

Price: $ 119 at MAC

7. Misting Fix + Makeup Fixer

Fix + is a moisturizer that also serves as a makeup finish. Because it has these two functions, it can be used both before and after makeup and anyone who has tested claims that it is amazing in both functions. As a moisturizer it serves as a relief to the face, functioning as a thermal water. As a finisher, its function is to make the makeup even more beautiful and lasting. One of the bloggers who loves Fix + is Helena Lunardelli from Do Jeito H. blog

Price: $ 99 at MAC

8. Blush Mineralize

Blushes are essential for a healthy, flushed woman look. MAC's mineralize blush in addition to giving you that look also adds sparkles to your skin to get brighter.

In Brazil, six colors are available in the MAC store, but in the American store the variety is larger and in total there are nine colors, each with a special brightness. For G Flores, from the Butterflies in the Wallet blog, blush mineralize is part of her favorites and her color is Love Joy. For Marina Fabri, from Diva's Things, the most beautiful color is Dainty.

Price: $ 119 at MAC

9. Shadows

MAC has a huge variety of eyeshadow types, however, the most commonly used are the traditional? Eyeshadow? ? which are the common eyeshadows, the Pro Longwear line, the Paint Pots and the Pigments.

Pro Longwear is the brand's long-lasting eyeshadow, perfect for those who need all-day shadows. Paint Pots, on the other hand, are creamy eyeshadow, great for use before dusting, as a way to better pigment and make your makeup last even longer. Pigments is the loose powder eyeshadow used to give an intense effect to the look.

Neutral shades are always preferred by women because of their ease of use. Who loves MAC's shadows is Vic Ceridono, from Dia de Beauté blog, and also Camila Coelho, from Supervaidosa.

Eyeshadow Price: $ 26 at MAC

10. Haute & Naughty Lash Eyelash Mask

Last but not least, the eyelash mask of the brand, Haute & Naughty Lash. It offers you the choice between elongated or bulky lashes as well as using both forms.

The only shade available is the black color and it is used by blogger Karen Bachini from Hey, what's up? and also by Marina Fabri, from Diva's Things.

Price: $ 99 at MAC

Where to buy the desired MAC products?

Today it is much easier to purchase a product from MAC. In addition to the online store, the major Brazilian cities already have physical stores of the brand. If you want convenience, there are plenty of online stores that sell MAC products like Sephora.

Overseas trips are also great options for you to buy the branded product, in addition to having a wider range of products, usually they are also cheaper, but remember that you may end up being taxed if you exceed the total exemption amount.

Another option is to let them buy at the free shops, but remembering that not always the product you want is available in stores and being careful not to exceed the allowed purchase limits. There is also always the friend of someone who brings products from abroad to sell to her friends, if it's a nice price, it's worth a bet.

Bloggers love it too

Below, check out a video sequence of bloggers showing off their favorite MAC products and how they use them to make amazing make-up.

10 Other Makeup Brands Loved by Bloggers

The following list features international brands that are very successful among Brazilian beauty bloggers. You can find them at imported makeup stores, overseas trips, and even your own mall stores, such as Benefit Cosmetics.

Know the brands and know where to buy their products through the links:

  1. Nars: Known by the irreverent names of their products as? Sin? (sin in English). One of his hit hits is blush? Orgasm? (orgasm), favorite of blogger Camila Coelho.
  2. Benefit: San Francisco's original American brand is known for its fun and creative packaging. Among Benefit's most beloved products are the High Beam and Moon Beam illuminators and the POREfessional primer.
  3. Urban Decay: California's original brand is also much loved in the blogging world. His palettes Naked 1, 2 and 3 are big hits of the brand and are favorites of bloggers like Marina Smith (2beauty) and Bruna Tavares (Pause for Feminices).
  4. Make Up Forever: The French brand is highly regarded not only among beauty blogs, but also among professional makeup artists. Its most desired products are skin-oriented, such as HD base and full coverage concealer.
  5. Too Faced: Famous for its retro and delicate style packaging, Too Faced was the first brand to bring glitter to the market. Fashionismo blogger Threza Chammas is one of the brand's fans.
  6. Smashbox: The brand that emerged inside a Los Angeles photo studio, has the most reputable make-up products on the market. Photo Finish Primer is one of Smashbox's most famous products and is a favorite of blogger Niina Secrets.
  7. The Balm: With very creative and pin-up packaging, the brand has products with a wide variety of different colors for those who want to escape the obvious. Your palette of neutral tones? Nude Tude? It is a success.
  8. Lorac: The American brand is a favorite of blogger Camila Coelho do Supervaidosa. In her videos, she quotes Lorac's lipsticks often.
  9. Sigma: Authoritative for makeup brushes, Sigma has already established itself as a veritable fever among bloggers, professional makeup artists and makeup lovers in general.
  10. Stila: The brand is originally from Los Angeles and is focused on celebrity makeup. In Brazil, blogger Claudinha Stoco is one of the fans of the brand's products.

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