Make the most of consulting with your doctor

At doctor visits They are part of the routine mainly of those who suffer from some chronic disease and that needs constant monitoring. But even those who consult only to check their health and have simple checkups should make the most of their time with the doctor.

Patients who are more knowledgeable about their health problems and have a good relationship with their doctors tend to face better treatments and follow the guidelines in the right way. Good conversation can help the patient feel safer and more participative.

Help your doctor understand how you feel, this will give you more possibilities to benefit from treatment. The time you will be with your doctor is limited. Therefore, it is best to go preparing in advance for the consultation.

And the preparation begins when it's time to consultation with the doctor. Whenever possible, make a schedule on the calendar, being careful to set dates and times for appointments in advance and to note in your calendar, always remembering to adapt them to your daily responsibilities.

After the consultation is scheduled, the next step is to start preparing for talk to the doctor. Make a list, write down all your questions, write all the questions so you don't forget any. On the day of the appointment, arrive punctually at the office and have the necessary documents and exams. While waiting for your turn, take a moment to check your list of questions and doubts, as well as mentally review the information you need to give your doctor for better care.

Do not be bothered or complained when your appointment time is delayed. After all, both doctors and their assistants would very much like everything to go smoothly on time, as they also have commitments. And, of course, it is patient care, most of the time, that causes delays.

When meeting with your doctor, listen carefully to what he has to say and try to take notes on treatment instructions, when you need to return, the tests you should take, the precautions to take, the arrangements. Enjoy the consultation with your doctor and be sure to raise your concerns about medications, tests, procedures, doubts about the success of treatment, your personal difficulties, directly or indirectly linked to your health.

Be sure to ask also about the stages and timeframes surrounding medical treatment, the prospects, possibilities and difficulties of treatment, the implications of your health and treatment on your personal and professional life, if there is a need to seek other health professionals.

During the consultation, if you do not understand what your doctor is saying, you have no idea of ​​the terms they use, the best thing to do is to ask them to explain until you clearly understand. Do not take questions about consulting with the doctor home. Take the time to clarify everything you want to know. If you would like more information about your case, ask your doctor to indicate websites or books.

Finished at visit to the doctor, make sure you have all your personal documents, exams, exam requests and procedures, referrals and attestations and that the papers are properly signed by the doctor and stamped.

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