Makeup Mistakes That Age the Face

Makeup can do wonders for female beauty. Just a few tricks and the correct application of products to rejuvenate a few years in a few minutes. However, some slips can have the opposite effect: a tired look and flaws in evidence.

See now a list of the main ones makeup mistakes that age the face. Also know the solutions on how to prevent them from detonating your look.

Excess Base

Expression lines, acne and blemishes are examples of skin problems that can be difficult to hide. But making the mistake of applying three, four, or even more base layers will only make your appearance worse and not disappear at all.

If the base is of good quality, just one layer will give you a natural result. Reapplying the product several times will leave heavy skin and artificial face. Another mistake is to use base shade different from skin color.

Be very careful when using the illuminating bases. When in excess, this type of product highlights unwanted wrinkles. Also pay attention to the use of concealer. Spending too much concealer on dark circles can create a thick layer of the product and draw more attention to imperfection. For a smooth effect, always apply the product with light tapping.

Too much dust

Face powder is a great ally to remove shine from the face, especially for those with oily skin. But be aware, because if applied in excess, the product ends up accentuating the wrinkles and facial expression lines.

If you already have wrinkles, dispense with your makeup item. Use only a moisturizing foundation, eyelash mask, lipstick and blush to look beautiful. Remember that those with dry skin should avoid dust, even if there are no wrinkles.

Dripping lipstick

With aging, the natural contour of the lips tends to fade and this makes it easier for the lipstick to drain. The lips also tend to lose volume over time. Therefore, very dark lipsticks are not recommended as they appear to shrink the areas where they are applied.

And because thin lips make you look older than you are, the solution to make them more attractive is to get around the mouth using a colorless or lip-colored pencil and better fix lipstick or gloss. Prefer to use light colors or vibrant colors such as coral and pink.

Mascara that weighs the eyelashes

The eyelash mask helps to give volume and look up. However, care must be taken when applying the product, especially on the lower lashes. In large quantities, the product may end up emphasizing fine lines and making the look heavy. Exaggerated mascara can also leave little balls and overly thicken the lashes, which impairs the look.

Pass only a thin layer. If smudging, use a flexible nail polish remover to remove stains. One trick to prevent smudging when applying mascara is to place a business card or any other hard paper beneath the lower lashes. It's simple, but it works.

Metallic shadows

Bright, metallic shades are a strong makeup trend today, but they should be used carefully so as not to ruin the make-up. When applied to the movable eyelid, below the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye, well into the tear duct, they make the look younger. However, when used in the eye contour area, metallic shadows further emphasize the lines and sagging eyelids. It is best to opt for shadows in more neutral tones.

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