Makeup Tips Last in Summer

Even on hot days, which woman doesn't like to always be beautiful and with impeccable makeup? In summer, it is normal to be too lazy to apply the products on the face, because they do not fix very well and melt next to the sweat, leaving the skin shiny and that look sloppy.

However, just a few tricks and using the right products to keep the makeup intact until the end of the day. Follow some Makeup Tips Last In Summer and always be beautiful and radiant.

Dull skin

To combat excess oil and keep makeup on your face longer, before you start makeup, apply a quality primer all over your skin, eyelids, and even your mouth.

The product ensures a velvety appearance, disguises the enlarged pores and makes the make last longer. After primer, the foundation can be applied to even out the face skin and concealer, to soften dark circles and marks.

Long lasting products

For days of intense heat, the d? Water are best, as they are long lasting and do not blur the skin. Great tip for those women who do not dispense makeup not even on the beach. Bet on the long lasting products in both the preparation of the skin (base and concealer), as well as the eyelash mask, pencil and lipstick.

Velvety looking skin

To ensure longer-looking velvety skin and control greasiness, prefer to use powder products (eyeshadow, blush, powder) rather than cream versions.

If you want an even more natural and light look, mineral makeup is the best option, especially to prevent the appearance of blackheads and pimples on the skin. One trick for eyeshadow and concealer to last longer on the skin is to sprinkle the dust with a specific brush on the eyelids.

Lipstick x Colorful Gloss

Summer makeup should be more vivid and colorful. And to make your lips look beautiful, prefer creamy lipstick, which is easy to touch up and moisturizes the lips. Avoid colored gloss as much as it is dangerous on hot days to melt and leave your mouth stained.

Controlling Oiliness

On days of unbearable heat, when you can barely prevent perspiration and control the greasiness of the face, it is always good to have anti-glare handkerchiefs in the bag. The product is specific to remove only excess oils without removing makeup from the face. Apply by tapping the skin, especially in the T region (forehead, nose and chin).

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