Maktub tattoo: 60 inspiring images and their meaning

Kate Miagusuku

The maktub tattoo may seem like a simple word, but it carries a very important meaning for those who make this record on the skin. And to produce this art, you just have to choose your favorite font, if other references will be added to the tattoo and the place that will receive your eternal message.

Meaning of maktub tattoo

Maktub is an Arabic word, which in its free translation means 'was already written', or 'has to happen'. It is the word that most describes people who faithfully believe that things happen according to fate.

60 maktub tattoo photos to inspire you

The following is a neat list of maktub tattoo inspirations of various sizes, types and styles that will delight you:

1. The maktub tattoo can be very delicate.

2. Or made in Arabic script

3. But whatever its shape, it carries enormous significance.

4. You can do it in partnership with someone very special.

5. Also include some other references

6. So you add even more personal meanings to your tattoo.

7. See how this art looked very feminine

8. Have you ever thought about tattooing the word maktub on your foot?

9. What about the neck?

10. With its watery background, the tattoo gains even more beautiful detail.

11. See how cool this wrist tattoo is

12. And also in the hand

13. Elbow close also goes

14. Especially if it's the maktub symbol itself

15. Look how funny this little butterfly

16. This minimalist tattoo featured a very delicate heart

17. You can still whim at the source

18. A waist tattoo is a charm only

19. Just like this addition of flowers

20. Who says maktub tattoo can't be colored?

21. Here the infinity symbol made complete sense

22. The details of each letter were impressive

23. A rib tattoo will always be elegant

24. You can still leverage your own handwriting to compose your art.

25. See closely the perfection of this trait

26. Pointillism and small strokes were enough to compose this creative tattoo.

27. This shading was rated 1000

28. Very close to the heart

29. Typed writing is a classic, don't you think?

30. Notice how stylish the maktub tattoo on the back of the neck is.

31. Just like this lotus flower made in pointillism

32. That amazing detail on the forearm

33. It's so cute it's impossible not to fall in love

34. Here the word has become a detail among the flowers.

35. Like this one, which still featured Arabic writing

36. Simple as that

37. Looks like it was made with ink, don't you think?

38. Rib tattooing not so easy, but the result is passionate

39. Maktub means? Is it written?

40. And it refers to things that would happen anyway

41. So if you believe in the power of destiny

42. This is your ideal tattoo

43. Was it also written here? in the books

44. Ahhh the weather?

45. The stem of this sunflower carries a beautiful message.

46. ​​Look how funny this ankle tattoo is

47. Thick strokes are a hallmark of Arabic writing.

48. As you may have noticed, including

49. How about adding a dream filter to your tattoo

50. Written in the middle of an old school tattoo

51. In addition, the bird still carries a little flower

52. Forming a feathered arrow and all

53. Accompanied by a cheerful sunflower

54. That beautiful detail on the neck

55. Filling the entire forearm

56. It even looks like it was made with crayons

57. Following the entire row of the column

58. With the watercolor technique you can choose the color you want

59. It is your walks that will lead you to your destination

60. That half mystical pinch, half of another world

Do you already know your favorite model? Made the choice, just mark your session with the trusted tattoo artist and mark your belief in destiny forever.

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