Meet the Gyrotonic

O Gyrotonic It is a modality that mixes swimming, yoga, ballet and gymnastics movements in one exercise. The technique, which has long been used as physical therapy for injured dancers and athletes, is now a concept of physical activity that is thriving in gyms.

In the literal definition, the Gyrotonic can be defined as ? tone turning?. That is, the exercises are not focused on isolated muscle groups. The modality works the body in a three-dimensional way, activating muscles, tissues, organs, tone, circulation, breathing at the same time.

All the Gyrotonic exercises They aim to make the student develop skills, balance, stability, gain strength with minimum effort and break, know the limits of his own body.

With so many advantages, improved fitness and aesthetic gain become remarkable consequences of Gyrotonic. In addition, these whole-body movements still provide well-being to practitioners.

It looks like pilates, but it's not

The first impression is that the two techniques are very similar. However, the only similarity between pilates and the Gyrotonic is that both use machines with pulleys, elastic and weights to perform the exercises.

They are circular movements that involve strength, stretching and relaxation to improve cardiovascular, respiratory fitness and elasticity. Other Gyrotonic advantage It is stimulating parts of the body that are often not perceived in other modalities.

The video below shows how a Gyrotonic class and how the gadgets are used in the exercises:

Who can practice Gyrotonic?

The 4 in 1 method of Gyrotonic method It can be practiced by all age groups, including the elderly, young people, children and also those who suffer from an injury. Taking into account that the elderly, sedentary and injured should respect the limits of the exercises, practicing the activities only three times a week.

For youth and children, the Gyrotonic It is a great option for physical activity to learn to know and deal better with the body. At any age, the sense of well-being in the relaxed, longer body can already be felt in the first class, but the physical results are only felt after four Gyrotonic workouts.

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