Meet the nutricosmetics

Maintaining a balanced diet is the most recommended method for those who want to keep their bodies strong, prevent disease and slow the aging process. The secret lies in the vitamins and minerals contained in foods, great for fighting free radicals that destroy the healthy cells of our body.

However, thinking of people who do not consume the necessary amount of nutrients to provide full protection to the body, whether for lack of time to eat properly or for any other reason, the beauty industry has developed nutricosmetics.

What are nutricosmetics?

These are pills that have the goal of nourishing the body to ensure the health of the body and thus provide a beauty from the inside out.

That is, by replacing possible deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and proteins within the body, the effect can be seen from the outside, as aesthetic problems such as wrinkles, weak nails, hair loss, sagging are alleviated.

It is noteworthy that nutricosmetics do not work miracles and do not replace creams, aesthetic treatments or diet. In fact, they are an extra help and should be used as a complement to the beauty routine of anyone who wants to have up to date skin, hair, nails and body.

In the case of nutricosmetic pills with anti-fat action, for example, they help speed up metabolism and decrease measurements. However, results will only appear if the use is combined with diet and plenty of exercise.

Like creams, the effects of pills usually appear after 60 days of use. But some feel the results as early as the third week. Ideally, you should be treated with capsules for at least three months, which the body needs to assimilate nutrients.

Who can use nutricosmetics?

The nutricosmetics are considered nutritional supplements by the National Health Surveillance Agency and can benefit women from 18 years. Pharmacies do not require a prescription for the purchase of pills, however it is necessary to seek the advice of a dermatologist or nutritionist before use.

Contraindications to nutricosmetics are few but there are. Pregnant and lactating women should not start taking the pills without first consulting their doctor. People who are allergic to any of the pill components, who have chronic kidney disease, hypertension or diabetes should also be aware.

Another important point is to take tests to diagnose the nutritional deficiencies that are compromising your beauty. This makes it easier to know which nutricosmetics are ideal for enhancing your beauty. This analysis also removes the risk of overloading the body with some substance. If they are overused instead of looking prettier, the person can have the opposite effect.

A nutricosmetic for every problem

The nutricosmetics have already become great allies of female beauty. On the shelves you can already find pills for various problems. See examples of the most common, their composition and how they act:

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