Meet the Zerona

O Zerona is another novelty in treatments for those who want eliminate fat without having to undergo invasive processes like liposuction and plastic surgery.

The process is painless, made with a laser that liquefies the fat plaques inside the cells. After some time, the body ends up rejecting this fat. O Zerona It is suitable for obesity sufferers, but can be used for aesthetic purposes to decrease measurements and remove some unwanted localized fats.

Tests performed with the device showed an average reduction of 2.5 cm in the circumference of the abdomen and waist, and 2 cm in the thighs after two weeks of application. In some volunteers, the measurement decrease reached up to 10 cm in the same area.

However, like liposuction, the Zerona treatment You need extra care to make your results last. There is no use doing laser applications and maintaining bad eating habits. THE fat removal needs to be accompanied by dietary rehabilitation and regular exercise indicated by a professional in the field.

O Zerona laser On its own it can have satisfactory effects, but if the person does not change his body care, he may end up getting fat again, having to undergo a new procedure.

Zerona Laser Weight Loss Testimonial | SliMedica (April 2021)

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