More efficient annual cleaning

THE cleaning New Year's Eve or New Year's Eve doesn't have to be extremely exhausting. For annual cleaning to be more efficient and less laborious, it is important to keep in mind two main points: planning and division of tasks.

Make a joint effort

It is important to make a joint effort and get help from everyone who lives in the house. Your children, for example, can help by tidying up their wardrobes and doing simpler services. Even a husband can help by doing heavier work such as washing carpets and pulling curtains. But if you live alone, can you hire the services of a day laborer to help you as long as you guide her well? otherwise you may have even more work.

Start slowly

Start your house cleaning if you don't want to spend a whole week cleaning the house. For example, you can select a room in the house to clean every house cleaning you do.

Or can it separate into steps? In one cleaning you wash all the curtains, in another you wash the carpets, in another clean the kitchen walls and so on. This way you break the cleaning and wear out less.

Throw away the unnecessary

Enjoy the annual cleaning to donate clothes and objects you no longer use and throw away what you can't use anymore. Go through all the wardrobes to organize, clean and sort out what can be donated.

Do the same with drawers, cabinets and shelves to get rid of everything you no longer need from your path. We often end up saving useless things and it just helps to accumulate unnecessary rubble. So get rid of what you no longer need.

Clean up forgotten corners

You know that little corner behind the fridge that sometimes gets forgotten during regular quick cleanups? This is the time to take good care of these forgotten corners.

Keep an eye out and look for corners that deserve your attention in the annual cleaning, such as spaces behind cabinets and heavy shelves. Take this opportunity to remove what's in the closet to clean it and organize it and still clean behind it since it's empty.

Also eliminate fungi and bacteria from backs of cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom and let the pillows, mattresses and upholstery sunbathe to get rid of fungi, bacteria and mites.

House exterior

Do not forget the garden, the balcony and all external parts of the house. If you live in an apartment, be sure to check the cleanliness of your door and your entrance mat. If you live in a house, take care of the garden and the yard. Maybe this is a good time to plant new flowers and remove sludge from sidewalks.

So that you don't leave anything behind, make a list of everything you want to clean and organize so your annual cleaning will be even more efficient. Follow our tips and suffer less from year-end cleaning or beginning of year.

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