Mother's Day Party Favors: 60 Sustainable, Loving Ideas

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Mother's Day is a celebration and celebration date full of love and family moments. Whatever your family, Mother's Day party favors always positively surprise your mom.

You can choose to get that gift your mom wants so much, but you can also make your own souvenir at home, full of love and care, in a more economical way. Let's see some ideas?

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Simple Mother's Day Favors

Simple party favors are perfect for those who want to improvise at present but don't have much time available. You will also be amazed at the economy and variety of these superfine options.

1. You can create amazing decorative cards

2. Or megacreative gift boxes

3. Customizable mugs are economical and useful.

4. And you can unleash your creativity on phrases and images

5. This personalized box is simple and very beautiful

6. And the best of the boxes is that the content can be varied

7. Custom t-shirts also provide a range of possibilities.

8. How about a little plant with a custom pot?

9. A picture frame of yourself can be a simple and meaningful gift.

10. Just like a keychain made by you

Anyone who thinks you can't change making your mother's gift at home is wrong: just let your imagination flow and be amazed at the results.

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Favors for Mother's Day at EVA

EVA is a practical, economical material that is very easy to find and extremely simple to work with.

11. This rose with a candy inside has amazing beauty

12. Just like these custom cups

13. How about a cute little table ornament?

14. This EVA scrapbook is perfect for leaving on the table

15. You can choose to make only the flower pot

16. EVA also lets you make mega-keychains

17. So your mother will remember you wherever you go

18. You can also make EVA-lined boxes like this one in a heart shape

19. And even ultra-creative parts, like this cell phone holder

20. The flower vases with chocolates came to delight your mother

EVA gives you an incredible range of possibilities, it embraces your creativity by creating truly impressive pieces.

Mother's Day Party Favors with PET Bottle

PET bottle souvenirs are very creative and are sustainable options. This way, in addition to surprising your mom, you also help nature.

21. This amazing material is sustainable and full of possibilities.

22. Potted plants are the most classic options

23. How about betting on super cute table decorations?

24. Making a vase and decorating with your creativity can result in perfect pieces.

25. You will be enchanted by the variety

26. The carrying case is a handy little box that can be used for everything.

27. And you can even make PET bottle canisters

28. Inside you can put anything to give away

29. While good for the environment

30. And surprise your mommy in a megapositive way

The options are very cute, charming and economical, and besides being a very easy material to obtain, you also do a good deed for nature!

Crochet Mother's Day Favors

Crochet souvenirs are a charm of their own. In addition to being able to do their spare time as a hobby, they are also economical and extremely varied!

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31. The good old potted plant can be made of everything

32. And with crochet, you can also do everything

33. An elegant blanket to keep your mother warm in the cold

34. A decorative article to decorate the environment

35. A special sweater for all occasions

36. A little gift doll

37. How about this sober and elegant brush holder?

38. The possibilities for crochet souvenirs are endless

39. And will impress your mother

40. With so much beauty and creativity together

The options range from clothes, bags, accessories, household items, to sweet souvenirs, ornaments, among many others. You will be impressed by the variety.

Felt Mother's Day Favors

Felt, like EVA, is an easy-to-find material that is very practical to work with.It also offers an incredible variety for you to work on your creativity.

41. Felt can produce superdelicate little pieces

42. And you can make amazing gifts, like this earring shell

43. Or this little angel decorative

44. Look what a treat this keychain is!

45. Because it is a soft fabric and very easy to work with.

46. ​​With him, any art style gets extremely sweet

47. How does this bookmark

48. That you can work in the style and way you want

49. Making Small Customizations Your Mother Will Love

50. And exercising all your creativity

Felt is also a very inexpensive material, providing great savings and allowing you to make beautiful and very charming memories.

Mother's Day Party Favors with Other Recyclables

Using a variety of recyclable materials to make Mother's Day souvenirs is one way to help the environment while making megacreative gifts. You may be surprised at the results.

51. Using card stock or cardboard may result in beautiful pieces

52. These trophies were made with paper and cardboard.

53. Little boxes look good with any gift

54. How about reusing the empty glasses?

55. Be a sweetie

56. Be a box full of them

57. Or a more elaborate souvenir

58. The important thing in the end is all the love contained

59. So make sure that you will spend all your love in your memory

60. And never be afraid to say? I love you? for your mom

Whether with a PET bottle or other recyclable materials, making creative gifts while being good for the environment can surprise your mom and your whole family.

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You can give wings to your imagination, making charming, sustainable souvenirs, mixing various materials, playing with shapes and colors!

Mother's Day Party Favors: Step by Step

Now that you have been inspired by the creative souvenirs we have separated, it's time to get your hands dirty! For this, we separated 10 tutorials from all the difficulties for those who love to produce!

Pop Up Card

Want to surprise your mom with a cute and affectionate pop up card? This video will teach you the step by step to make an amazing model.

EVA flower

EVA is an amazing material, easy to work, economical and very simple to find. And with it, you can make wonderful souvenirs, such as this little flower vase, ideal for gifting your mom.

Simple Mother's Day Favors

Want variety of economical and simple souvenirs? Ider Alves teaches in a very explanatory step by step three different models of souvenirs for you to make at home!

Mother's Day Souvenir Soap

Personalized soaps are perfect gift and souvenir options as they offer great utility as well as practicality and personalization possibilities. On Mother's Day it would be no different! Learn how to make custom Mother's Day soaps and surprise yours!

Slipper, card and flowers

Paula Stephânia in this amazing video teaches you how to make megacreative gifts to give to your mother. Besides being very cute, the souvenirs are also extremely useful for all times.

The creative home-made Mother's Day souvenir can be economical and very cute. Using your creativity in your mom's gift can result in charming pieces, and will surprise your mother in a very positive way!

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