Multifunctional makeup

Every season, new makeup products hit the shelves in the promise of offering, in addition to beautification, more convenience for the consumer. The rush makes the day seem very short, other commitments end up taking women's time and then the process of makeup is often discarded or scorned.

Never forget that makeup is a powerful weapon for enhancing personal image, so important these days!

There are numerous products of multifunctional makeup in the market, but do you know how to take full advantage of the benefits that each one offers? We already know that each product in makeup has an effect, that is, each product has a specific purpose, so it is not indicated to skip any stage of makeup. The concealer, for example, serves to soften dark circles and the lack of this product can make the makeup compromised. I will deal with some of these products from multifunctional makeup. Come on?

Liquid Paper

Some concealers have the action of illuminating, they are called? Illuminators? or "illuminating pens". This product offers, in addition to the camouflage of dark circles or other imperfections, the illumination of dark spots of the face, such as dimples or expression marks.


To even out the skin, opt for a toning sunscreen that evenly tones the skin and protects the skin from sun damage.

Face powder

Facial powders that are intended for brightness control now feature SPF that also protects the skin; worth a try.


Today you can find eyebrow pencils, which are used to correct any flaws or better define the shape of the eyebrows. There is also the option of multivitamin treatment products that promise the motivation of hair growth. Several popular brands already make these products available to the consumer.


Today the makeup, besides beautifying also treats the skin. Is it possible to use moisturizing eyeshadows or the famous? Lifting? or cinderella. Usually cream, the ideal is to use only a single shade throughout the eyelid, without leaving excess or smudges. There are some brands that also offer anti-aging eyeshadows, check it out.

Lips and face

2 in 1 products are among the darlings, such as lipstick that is also blush. If applied lightly on the cheekbone, it provides a healthy air to the face. Beware of cream, stick or liquid products that are difficult to smear and may stain.

Mascara to eyelashes

This product now offers eyelash treatment and moisturizing that was once so judged with products that dried and broke the hair. Multivitamin versions are easily found and promise eyelash treatment. Eyelash masks that come with a colorless eyeliner can be found on the market to promote hydration of eyelash hair follicles. It's a big news!

Some products really make our daily lives a lot easier, but be wary of fantastic promises or 3 or 4 in 1 products. There is no magic! The benefits of these products are not only offering ease of use, but also secondary or skin care actions.

Escape from products that do not fit your skin tone, so always prefer brands that offer tasters. Try it and ask!

Never forget to take care of your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing; both morning and night. Choose products with practical and functional packaging! Save time and look beautiful!

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