Myths and Truths About Milk

Who has never heard the famous myth that one cannot eat mango and drink milk right then why would it hurt and could lead to death? Fortunately, this is just a story made up in slavery to make slaves drink less milk.

But this is not the only dubious belief about milk consumption. So here we show what is true and what is myth when it comes to milk, check it out.

Most common myths about milk

The belief that cow's milk can replace breast milk does not proceed. Breast milk has antibodies required for the baby at least up to 6 months and should only be replaced with cow's milk if directed by the doctor. Otherwise, breast milk is always recommended.

Some people believe that adults can't drink milk because it's bad. But this is just a myth. Adult milk can cause discomfort because as we become adults we may have lactose intolerance due to the loss of an enzyme that is responsible for breaking down lactose in milk.

Nevertheless, is it not recommended that adults stop drinking milk? because this is a calcium rich food. Instead, lactose intolerant sufferers should replace normal milk with lactose-free milk.

Truths You Should Know About Milk

It is true that the warm milk helps you sleep. Does drinking warm milk help release melatonin? the sleep hormone. However, this hormone only helps the person to become drowsy. To further stimulate sleep, it is recommended to combine warm milk with some carbohydrate such as cookies.

It is said that who has allergic rhinitis can't drink milk. In fact, milk does not cause allergic attacks, but it increases the amount of mucus which can make allergic attacks worse, as it makes breathing difficult.

Another fact about milk is that it helps to lose weight. Anyone who consumes up to 4 glasses of skim milk a day and associates this consumption with a balanced diet and regular exercise can lose weight and lower abdominal fat, according to UFRJ research.

It is also true that during menopause women should increase their calcium intake. This is because at this stage of a woman's life, she suffers a significant decrease in bone mass and calcium needs to be replaced. Some women even need to take calcium supplements because they are severely deficient in menopause.

Experts also say that cow's milk can be substituted for soy milk without problems as long as it has been fortified with calcium to maintain the same levels of calcium found in cow's milk.

Now that you know what is true and what is not about this rich food, you can enjoy its benefits by consuming it properly and moderately.

The Magnificent Milk Myth … Debunked | Brooke Miles | TEDxWilmington (April 2021)

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