Nail stickers

If you are part of the team of women who love to keep their nails always beautiful but don't get the slightest brush, nail stickers may be the ideal solution.

Unlike decals, which are only for decoration, the stickers fill the entire nail, so they can replace the nail polish.

In addition to the colors of fashion, nail stickers They can also be found in decorated and floral versions, animal print, with polka dots, with glitter, with rhinestones applications, French style, metallic tones.

They are practical, easy to apply, do not smudge and do not make dirt. Another advantage of nail stickers It is not to need a time for drying, as with common nail polishes. Just paste and you're done, nothing to stand still for several minutes, worried about not bumping into anything to avoid chipping or kneading the nail polish.

How to glue nail stickers?

For apply nail stickers There are no secrets. The first step is to peel off the sticker and apply it directly to the nails, which should be clean and dry.

The application of adhesive nail It requires a little patience and firmness in the hands when applying and adjusting the adhesive. To remove excess adhesives, use a very soft nail file to gently sand until "leftovers" are removed.

DIY: How to Perfectly Apply Nail Stickers | Zai Antonio (January 2021)

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