Necessary documents to marry

So much for the civil marriage as for the religious marriage the bride and groom need to be organized in relation to documentation needed to get married. Some documents need to be requested in advance as they may take time to be released by the notary, especially when the bride or groom does not live in the city where they were registered.

Civil marriage may even be done after the religious ceremony, but it must be the same day and not many days later. Therefore, it is essential to go after these documents as soon as possible when you decide to get married so that you do not risk delaying your marriage because of bureaucracy.

To make planning your wedding easier, we have made a list of which documents are required for marriage in civil and religious, check out:

Civil marriage

You will need two witnesses on civil wedding day and also to enter the registration process at the notary, which should be done 2 to 3 months in advance.

Witnesses may differ on both occasions, the decision being at the couple's discretion. It is noteworthy that the witnesses also need to have the original Identity Card (RG) when they go to the registry with the bride and groom.

Documents for civil marriage

  • Original Identity Card (RG);
  • Updated birth certificate (must be requested from the notary who issued your birth certificate);
  • Original Witness Identity Card (RG).

Religious marriage

O religious marriage requires more documents Therefore, churches usually request the documents of the bride and groom up to one month in advance. Each church requires certain documents. Christian churches often request certain documents but the list may vary depending on the church, so it is important to consult with your church office to confirm which documents you will need. Below we list the documents that are requested in the vast majority of churches:

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