Neck Tattoo: 60 Stylish and Feminine Ideas

Juliane Fulmination

The neck tattoo is viewed by many as a symbol of boldness. This is because the place is very visible, where your tattoo will be difficult to hide. It is also a very delicate region, and the simultaneous twinges of the needle can be very annoying during the session, but the result will be so surprising that any pain will be valid, believe me!

And because it is a tattoo that will be very much on display, it is important that you handpick what you will register forever on the skin of your neck. Need some inspiration? Then check out the following list:

1. Have you considered writing a cool message on your neck tattoo?

2. Or fill it with a very special art?

3. This moth has gained well-tailed wings.

4. How is this butterfly and its striking colors

5. You can fine-tune the size of your drawing.

6. Or tattoo a very small and delicate idea

7. Or better yet: the neck tattoo can be a complement to a great art.

8. When the pet is properly honored

9. Peek at this cute minimalist neck tattoo

10. This half moon was all filled with flowers

11. Walking a path to the back

12. How about creating a custom butterfly?

13. Or tattoo the symbol of your sign?

14. This old school art carries a whole meaning.

15. Music lovers can not fail to register such a feeling on their skin

16. Let's now see some inspirations performed with black ink only?

17. This type of tattoo looks impressive even with its large size.

18. Or little one

19. And this little butterfly in 3D? Not a charm?

20. What is also missing is inspiration for Game of Thrones lovers

21. The written neck tattoo is one of the most sought after

22. Just like the rose designs

23. And sayings in Mandarin

24. Realistic painting looks more like a painting in oil paint

25. This old school covered the entire circumference of the neck.

26. What do you think of tattooing like this, closer to the ear?

27. Just below the chin is a more distinctive place to mark skin

28.? Brightness?

29. Does the neck hurt? It hurts

30. This is because it is a region with little meat? and more muscles

31. But the result is worth the effort to overcome this pain.

32. Look how cool this tattoo is with technology plugins

33. This twisted snake is very discreet.

34. Notice the traces and shades of this artwork

35. The Shadows of Three Passionate, Flying Birds

36. How not to fall in love with this lily and its colors

37. Speaking of colors?

38. This half moon was perfect, don't you think?

39. Do you always rule me, keep me, rule me, enlighten me, Amen?

40. Tattooing a reference to faith is a request for protection

41. Who is a fan of Harry Potter and his saga already understood the reference

42. Simplicity can also surprise

43. The little stars surrounding the fairy have a more subtle coloration.

44. A cream Capricorn

45. Just outlined, this little butterfly starred behind the ear.

46. ​​The delicacy of this painting perfectly matched the drawing

47. White ink is often used to give the impression of? Volume? na tattoo

48. No matter where we are, our mind is our home?

49. The little chick even made the tattoo look better, don't you think?

50. Here the shading was due to pointillism

51. Fall in love with this very delicate cross neck tattoo

52. A little bird in its perfect motion

53. And this shooting star? the most beautiful thing

54. Just have faith

55. But you can also register it in style.

56.? Gratitude?

57. And these cherry twigs? The most beautiful thing

58. The anchor tattoo represents a safe haven

59. While the lion symbolizes strength

60. Just Few Strokes to Tattoo Important Symbols

These inspirations proved that the neck tattoo is stylish, don't you think?

60+ Genius Small Tattoos Designs - Inspirational Tattoo Ideas (January 2020)

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