Necklines: How to wear?

Women always have their weapons to add a sexy touch to production cleavage It's one of them. But despite being released for any body shape and breast size, one must choose the neckline type that values ​​the look.

Choosing an overdone or breast-deforming cleavage can set off the production or leave it with an air of sloppiness, one step closer to vulgarity.

For each body type, one cleavage specific. It does not matter how big the forehead is, whether the breasts are small, medium or large, whether the shoulders are wide or narrow. Knowing how to choose the ideal cleavageWith the right cut-out for your body type, the production will always look beautiful and with a great fit.

But is how to use necklines in V, canoe, strapless, one shoulder, square, round and single front? Know which model is right for you.

Remember that to use the cleavage It takes more than knowing which models favor your body, having common sense is the main tip. Attention to places and occasions, cleavage It doesn't match the desktop, for example. Opt for more discreet models in everyday life and leave the boldest for informal events, parties and special moments.

Small breasts

Any cleavage shape is appropriate for those with small breasts. Not having much volume, they make a great fit for any neckline template without leaving the inelegant woman.

Medium Breasts

For medium-breasted women, it is also worth any type of neckline as long as it is not too deep. V-shaped, canoe, round and strapless shapes further enhance the lap.

Large breasts

Women with very large breasts should pay close attention. To disguise the volume, the ideal necklines are round, square and canoe. Avoid the strapless models as they flatten the silhouette. No buying a smaller number in an attempt to lessen the bust, the result can be a "crushed" look.

Cleavage models for small breasts

Medium-breasted neckline models

Cleavage models for large breasts

Necklaces and Necklines Styling Tips (April 2021)

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