Night eating disorder

Some prefer to close their mouths before bedtime, others eat only a light meal. But there are still those who do not dispense a good plate of food and a dessert. In some cases, the habit may be a disorder that needs to be treated. Those who suffer from this disease usually eat little during the day and rob the refrigerator at night. Anguish and anxiety are some of the factors that can trigger the night eating disorder.

When the urge to eat tightens, the person feels the need to eat anything that makes volume and looks for food in a way to relieve their tensions or emotional needs. And the night eating syndrome It's not just about who is awake. Many have the crisis during sleep, get up at dawn, eat and only realize what happened the next day when they find traces of food by the bed or when they are warned by other people.

Does night eating disorder have treatment?

Discovered the night eating disorder, it's time to treat you. Cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy are the most suitable. In some cases, the use of antidepressant and sleep-regulating drugs is recommended, especially when mood decline occurs.

A good tip from how to control night eating disorder It is to exchange the desire to eat for things that give pleasure. A good shower, a way out and even exercise can help. However, if the crisis hits and it is hard to resist, make the refrigerator your ally.

The tip is to consume balanced foods as with all daily meals. Ideally, all nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals are balanced according to one's needs.

As metabolism slows at night, it is preferable to consume fruits, whole carbohydrates (brown bread, brown rice, whole grains), lean protein (chicken breast and white meat fish), low fat natural yogurt, vegetables, and fresh water. poo. The most suitable fruits are apple, papaya, pear, pineapple, grape and strawberry. The meal should have a good variety of vegetables in at least four different colors. Fatty foods, French bread, white rice, biscuits, frying and the consumption of excess sweets should be out of the evening menu.

Poor diet also interferes with sleep quality. Alcoholic beverages and caffeine-containing foods such as black tea, mate and chocolate are stimulating and can disrupt sleep. As for the time, experts recommend that if you go to dinner, wait three hours before going to bed. If you have a light snack, for example, it's okay to go to sleep right away.

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