Oily Skin Moisturizer: 10 Amazing Options for All Pockets

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One of the big mistakes of those with oily skin is to think that it does not require hydration. It is common, in an attempt to let the skin dry, skip this step of the routine and choose astringent products, but that end up producing the rebound effect and leaving the face the way we least wanted. So here's a friend tip: Next time you go to the drugstore, choose an oily skin moisturizer that will take care of and help to lessen that uncomfortable glow.

And to take care of the skin you don't always have to shell out a lot of money! There are cheap products and you can also mix them up with products you have at home that can be great allies. Continue here and learn how to have a beautiful and oil-free skin!

What is the best moisturizer for oily skin?

There are many products on the market ranging from the most expensive to the good and cheap ones we love! To make your life easier, we have separated here the best options and the sincere opinion of those who already used!

1. Avon Care Mattifying Face Cream? $

This cream is a cheap and successful Avon! Its formula has vitamin E, which helps control skin greasiness, reduces the appearance of shine and even leaves the matte effect on time! Another promise that shines the eyes of those with oily skin is to leave the skin soft and free of shine all day long! The only thing left to be desired is product consistency, but still worth a try!

“I liked this product very much because it gives a slight blur effect and makes the skin smoother and softer as it says in the product description. His only problem is the sticky effect. ? Rubia G. Wreczinski

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2. Moisturizing Facial Gel Granulated? $

Granado Oily Skin Moisturizer has everything to win your heart. Right off the bat, it already draws attention because it is oil free and has a matte effect. It moisturizes the skin, has a dry touch, promises to reduce pore size and even helps in preventing acne! The cream is very light, has no smell, has no ingredients of animal origin and does not leave the skin sticky.

Despite being oile free, proper to control greasiness, it does not leave the skin tugging even less irritated. Quite the contrary! The skin is very silky with it and I had no irritation whatsoever. ? Bia Munstein

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3. Moisturizing Protective Matifying Natura Complexion? $

Here's another baratex product and one of those very easy to find. Natura's moisturizer for combination and oily skin is part of the Tez line, designed to make facial care much simpler. Already on the cover of the product is the tantalizing promise: soft and dry skin with matte effect and SPF 15, which already gives a little help in everyday life.

The product offers prolonged hydration and has mattifying particles that control brightness and absorb oiliness. It is also lightweight, easy to spread and quickly absorbed, leaving the touch dry.

When you open it, the texture of the product is very good, very light! It does moisturize the skin [?], But I don't think the product absorbs it immediately. ? Erica tutty

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4. Nivea Nourishing Face Cream? $$

You will probably see the famous Nivea blue can cream around. But the trademark for oily skin is Nourishing Face Cream, a product made with water-based Hydro-Waxes technology that has an ultra-light formula. It promises intense hydration for 24 hours, but without leaving that oily feeling. It's great for use before makeup, leaving your skin looking beautiful and healthy.

? It has a cream texture and is super velvety, looks like a primer. He is thin, disappears on the skin, is not sticky and looks like a glove. [?] It does not weigh and leaves the skin refreshing.? ? Amanda Pastore

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5. Tea Tree Facial Moisturizing Lotion? The Body Shop? $$$

The Body Shop Moisturizing Lotion is a lightweight, non-greasy textured product that moisturizes leaving the matte effect that oily skin owners love so much. One of the coolest advantages of this product is that regular use helps prevent acne and pimples!

It is a product that always after using I feel soft, hydrated and fresh skin. It moisturizes well, has a light texture and after drying leaves the skin very matte and the feeling of freshness and prolonged cleansing. ? Beauty Questions

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6. Hydro Boost Neutrogena Facial Moisturizer? $$$

The Neutrogena moisturizer pleases the face who has oily skin for having gel texture and being super light.It has the formula Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, which act by helping to restore healthy water levels and stimulating the renewal process, making the skin look better day after day.

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? It spreads super easy, its texture is very light. [?] It has a lush and moisturizing footprint, the skin is super soft and with a glow that is not that sticky glow, it is a lush glow. Once the skin completely absorbs it becomes more dry. The feel to the touch is very good. ? Beauty Tour

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7. Mary Kay Expression Line Reducing Moisturizer? $$$$

Mary Kay's Timewise Moisturizer promises hydration for up to 10 hours, and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, leaving skin firmer and smoother. The product is oil free, does not clog pores and also helps to control excess oiliness.

“When I use it I feel my skin wakes up a lot more renewed, a lot prettier, with a face like: I woke up well, slept many hours at night. ? ? Cacá Angels

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8. Moisturizing Gel Dramatically Different Oily Skins? Clinique? $$$$$

Despite being on the list of the most expensive moisturizers, this product from Clinique can be considered an investment! It was developed by dermatologists especially for oily skin. Its formula is oil free and maintains the perfect balance of hydration leaving the skin comfortable in the most critical parts, such as cheekbones or T-zone. It can be found in packs of 125 ml or 50 ml and has an excellent cost- benefit because just one pump is enough for the whole face!

? This moisturizer moisturizes to the extent, you do not get that feeling warm on the face, it makes the skin comfortable, the skin absorbs fast. It can also be used before makeup. ? Manu Goldfish

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9. Mineral 89 Vichy? $$$$$

Despite being suitable for all skin types, Vichy Mineral 89 has a gel texture that pleases those with oily skin! The product has in its formula a high concentration of mineralizing thermal water and hyaluronic acid that bring countless benefits!

It promises to strengthen the skin against daily exposures such as pollution, climate change, UV rays, makes the skin more resistant to everyday aggression, fills the skin, moisturizes, accelerates regeneration, tones and brightens. Best of all, all of these benefits are at your fingertips in a non-greasy textured gel product. Too much, right?

? The first thing I loved about this product was the aquagel texture. You apply it, it gets a little wet, but after a minute it dries and you get very soft skin, you feel hydration on the spot, feel that your skin is softer and with a very dry touch. ? Joyce Kitamura

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10. Effaclar Mat La Roche Posay? $$$$$

La Roche Posay's Effaclar Mat is not the cheapest, but its promises are tempting! The moisturizer helps to control oiliness daily and reduce pore size. It has an oil-free texture enriched with instantly mattifying microspheres, and has in its formula an active that fights the production of oil in its origin. It's one of those products that is worth every penny invested!

? This product is an investment. [?] It is a very good product, it is one of the best moisturizers I have ever used to mattify the skin and to combat oiliness. It is that type of moisturizer that you use and feel day after day your skin getting less oily, with less shine. ? Beauty Questions

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Homemade Moisturizer For Oily Skin

Did you know that with just a few ingredients it is possible to prepare some recipes that can help control skin oils? Look that!

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Check out this video for two recipes to give that little strength when the skin is greasy: one based on cornstarch and another with coffee grounds.

Oily skin never again! Best Homemade Primer

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Farsali and Homemade Fix Plus

In this video you will learn how to prepare two amazing products that serve to moisturize and make your skin look more beautiful and that are not so cheap on the market: we are talking about Farsali and Fix Plus. Take the test and prove it yourself!

Even with all these wonderful tips, be sure to consult your dermatologist to find out what is best for you and get beautiful, hydrated and oil-free skin!

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