Ombré hair honey: 30 ideas to lighten your hair in the salon or at home

Camilla Santana

Ombré hair is the favorite technique of women to brighten the look, but without worrying about the constant touches and trips to the salon. The technique can be done in different colors, everything will depend on the style of each, but if you are the type who prefers something more discreet, but do not go unnoticed, bet on ombré hair honey. The tone can vary from lighter to darker and goes well on all women.

To inspire you, here are 30 ideas of ombré hair honey, how to apply the technique, whether in the salon or at home? yes this is possible! ? and a few bucks to keep the hair beautiful and healthy.

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30 ombré hair honey ideas to get inspired

No matter what color, size or whether your hair is straight or curly: the honey hair ombré will enhance and brighten your face. Check out these ideas!

1. Ombré hair can be made in a shade that is closer to the natural color of the hair

2. The root maintains its natural tone, while the tips gain more light.

3. The golden tone is beautiful in all hair!

4. The advantage of ombré hair is that it does not mark the hair

5. The technique goes well on all hair lengths

6. Even the shortest

7. Some threads can be pulled closer to the root for a more natural effect.

8. In light hair, the shoulder is very natural

9. In dark hair, light strands illuminate the face

10. Women around the world, not just Brazilian women, are adept at the trend

11. Curly can also enter the ombré wave

12. Lighting brings lightness to the curls

13. And make the locks much more stylish!

14. Ombré hair honey is an absolute hit on black skins!

15. Golden pigment matches skin tone

16. Then invest in hydration

17. So you'll always look like you just left the room

18. It is possible to have hair that looks naturally blonde!

19. Honey tobacco is one of the colors that best suits all types of women.

20. In addition to highlighting the woman's face

21. In addition to wicks, bet on a modern, disconnected cut

22. Dark root may also have lighter tips

23. Once with ombré hair, you will hardly return to your original tone

24. The honey color is perfect for everyone!

25. Whether straight or curly hair

26. Even the famous surrendered to the technique!

27. And the effect is spectacular!

28. An ombré hair of respect!

29. The lighter strands on the front make the face frame

30. The effect of blond hair is exciting!

Did you enjoy those inspirations? This explains why the ombré hair honey is the darling of women in salons!

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How to make honey hair ombré

  1. Discolor the wires
  2. Apply toner to desired shade
  3. Make a tint to counteract the orange tones of the yarns

Tell your hairdresser what color you want and be sure to bring a photo for inspiration and leave the locks the way you dreamed!

Did you know that it is possible to make ombré hair at home? But take it easy, as the process requires care and a little skill.

How to make ombré hair at home

Blogger Nicolle Rocha, from Niimakeup, takes the path of stones and teaches a simple step by step for those who want to make ombré hair in their own hair. It shows how locks are made on both lighter hair and darker hair.

Considering both possibilities, it is most appropriate that you look for a good hairdresser to get a professional result and to do the procedure safely and excellently.

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How to keep your honey hair shoulder always beautiful

After lightening the strands, it is important to keep the hair well maintained. Hairdresser and colorist Anne Gray teaches you three simple steps to keep your hair hydrated and brightly colored both in the salon and at home.

  • Bright and brightly colored hair: To keep the hair always beautiful, it is important to tint the hair at home every 15 days and to tone in the salon every two months.
  • Attention to retouch: As much as it is not necessary to touch up the ombré hair so often, it is still important to lift the locks at least every six months because of hair growth.
  • Do not forget about hydration: Because of discoloration, the hair tends to dry out a little, so it is necessary to use a powerful reconstruction cream monthly, to nourish the hair with nourishing cream or vegetable oils weekly, and to use specific shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair.

Regardless of what your hair style or type is, honey hair ombré will enhance your face and give that look up!

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