Organic cosmetics

Taking care of beauty while preserving the environment, this is the proposal of the organic cosmetics. So-called green cosmetics They are environmentally friendly products made from sustainably sourced compounds. That is, the ingredients used in organic cosmetics They are free of pesticides and preservatives, contain no chemical additives and have not been tested on animals.

But in addition to following green and sustainable philosophies that collaborate with the planet, this type of cosmetics also offers advantages in the daily care of female beauty. In particular, organic makeup.

The differences in organic makeup regarding results when applied to the skin is almost nonexistent. However, the risks of allergies are lower as it is less aggressive to the skin. It also does not dry out the skin and decreases the incidence of acne.

It is important to highlight that the absence of preservatives in the composition of organic makeup makes its duration shorter. While a synthetic makeup, the conventional type that every woman knows, can last up to two years, the organic version does not exceed six months.

Care when choosing one organic cosmetic they are the same as one should have when choosing a common product. Find out where they come from and the components used in their manufacture, choose trusted brands and only use products specific to your skin type.

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