Overprotecting a child can be detrimental to her development.

Giving all the attention and affection to children is the wish of most parents. Offering all the conditions and giving all the best makes the little ones feel comfortable. This care is even greater when they start attending school. This is because the child has contact with other people, which makes parents even more apprehensive due to the violence and danger that unfortunately are present in the streets. ? Parents are afraid because the child still does not know how to defend themselves and make the right choices ?, comments the educator Arlete Codo.

But this over-concern can be detrimental to child development and the relationship of the small to other children. "Well-intentioned overprotective extremes, in an attempt to close a child's eyes to the reality of the world, can result in an unprepared adult unable to cope," says psychologist Triana Portal.

Conscious love

Parents should always seek balance: to act without excess or carelessness. “It's also no use giving little freedom to the little ones. They need to be responsible and understand right and wrong. For this, talking about everything with the children is essential ?, comments the educator.


"Talking about all matters is extremely important, as dialogue brings even more complicity between father and son and it is through it that doubts arise," says Arlete.

Respect the space:

“We need to police what children are seeing on the internet. But this care must be done without the child noticing. To do this, put the computer where there is greater movement of people, so you will always be seeing what children are accessing, without being too invasive ?, comments the educator.


Teach your children to be responsible. Point out the importance of ruling the study and give homework activities such as setting the breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables. Are these attitudes ideal for them to realize that they have tasks to do ?, says the teacher.


ÜThey also need to walk their little friends. Meet each of them and the children's parents. Always bring and bring your child wherever he goes? Suggests the educator.


Reading is essential for a child's development. If your child likes to read comics, for example, allow it. Parents need to foster trust, teach right and wrong, explain fiction and reality. They should follow the reading in a balanced way without impeding freedom of expression. Should we encourage children to reflect and have their own opinion ?, says the psychologist.

Follow the tips and don't be afraid! Acting with complicity and confidence, your children will ask you about everything and respect your rules and follow your advice without hesitation.

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