Oversized blazer

After the fashion for more loose-fitting boyfriend-style pants and shorts, it was time for the oversized blazer Earn your space. With a wider cut, more structured shoulders, and thigh-high, the oversized blazer looks like a suit jacket numbering larger than the correct size.

The idea is to make it look like the oversized blazer It's a male play. If well combined, the oversized blazer It still brings elegance to the feminine looks even with its slightly longer length.

O oversized blazer It can be worn open to match garments such as trousers, skirts and dresses of mini, midi and trouser lengths or closed, making it an ideal dress to wear with pantyhose.

The oversized blazer models With three buttons, double-zipped buttons with details such as pockets and collars, differentiated fabrics and with neutral or colored colors, are ideal to complement the rest of the production.

Enjoy the cooler days and dare with the oversized blazer, combining without fear any way you wish. After all, to squander femininity one does not only have to bet on fair pieces.

HOW TO STYLE AN OVERSIZED BLAZER // Lookbook & Outfit Ideas // Sinead Crowe (April 2021)

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