Oversized Style: 60 Cool and Comfortable Dressing Ideas

Mariana Andrade

Dear among fashion enthusiasts, the oversized style is timeless and yields original and not obvious looks. Assembled with wide parts, this trend is not limited by taste let alone body type. Everyone can wear without giving up their own style, after all, oversized looks range from practical and comfortable to elegant and social.

Learn what oversized style is, what pieces to wear, and check out 60 inspirational looks so you know how to get in on this style.

What is oversized style?

The term oversized comes from English and means an item is extra wide. The oversized style then consists of choosing and betting on garments that are larger or larger than their conventional size. This trend is a hit with bloggers and young celebrities and is widely used on the streets and in everyday life because of its comfort.

To have the oversized style just choose practical and larger clothes than you. Large vintage t-shirts and baggy sports pants are bets of this trend. Oversized fashion is perfect for those who do not give up practicality, because the stripped sweatshirt and sneakers are indispensable in this style. Check out our inspiration list for other ideas on how to compose looks in this trend.

60 oversized looks for you to adopt this trend

We have separated 60 diverse oversized looks so you know how to include loose and comfortable garments in your wardrobe. Check out:

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1. Oversized style is super high

2. And with wide pieces it is possible to compose looks that go from the stripped and alternative

3. Even the most social and elegant

4. You can coordinate an oversized t-shirt with skirt

5. With shorts?

6. The oversized swag style + jeans = pure style!

7. You can balance a wide jacket with tights

8. But it's okay to compose an oversized look

9. Oversized pants come in casual look

10. There are models in jeans

11. Others with a sports footprint

12. And the tailoring ones are superelegant

13. You can compose an oversized look with pantalona.

14. And this style is unlimited.

15. Matches the discrete

16. And with the most authentic ones too

17. The oversized jacket is another indispensable piece of this trend.

18. Can be in jeans

19. Colorful

20. Full of color, reminiscent of 80s fashion

21. Can be combined into a simple look with black pantacourt

22. Or worn in an authentic look with denim overalls

23. The oversized sweatshirt is a comfortable bet of this style.

24. Coordinated with overlays and over-the-knee boot it gets a blast!

25. And nothing more practical than wearing jeans

26. Sweatshirt dress is beyond stylish

27. And the oversized look can be used on many occasions

28. For everyday life the tip is to invest in wildcards

29. For work, how about a casual chic?

30. And to rock the ballad, be inspired by a look like this!

31. If you go to an afternoon party, how about a wider set?

32. Monochrome looks are original and full of attitude

33. With oversized parts you break the obvious

34. Very elegant and dazzling

35. You can assemble a black and white look

36. Or throw a colorful jacket to highlight

37. Oversized shirt yields laid back and fashion looks

38. And don't be afraid to dare!

39. The little t-shirts are comfortable for you to wear all day

40. And the leather jacket is indispensable in the winter wardrobe

41. The boots look gets a rock footprint

42. But if you're more serious, how about a big blazer?

43. To balance, use a fair piece and a wide one as in this production.

44. But this look proves that oversized is super stylish

45. Wide shorts + jacket? Can!

46. ​​And don't forget the accessories

47. After all, an oversized glasses makes all the difference in production.

49. It is possible to compose modern looks with oversized pieces

50. And others with the 90's face, perfect for the nostalgic

51. In winter, bet on giant overlays

52. A puffer overcoat will keep you warm

53. And in mid-season, just a denim jacket

54. Or how about a wide print sweatshirt?

55. Singer Billie Eilish is a declared fan of oversized style

56. Looking for an elegant look? Get inspired by this monochrome!

57. As you have seen, you can create practical, everyday visuals.

58. Even the most fashionistas and originals

59. Just choose oversized parts

60. And use them without fear!

Do you know which of these oversized looks fits your style the most? Serious or super laid back? The possibilities are diverse and there is not much secret to be part of this fashion. Choose comfortable and small pieces and rock!

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