Parsley tea: Know if it is really beneficial to prepare this drink

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Seeking to provide health benefits, many people resort to medicinal plants. One plant that has become quite prominent in recent times is parsley. Just do a little research to see how widespread parsley tea has become. But, after all, is tea preparation really good for our body?

Did we talk to Rodrigo Silveira, director and creator of Ervanarium? an online school of herbal medicine and natural health care? and we have all doubts about salsa tea. Find out next if this drink actually contributes to health.

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Is parsley tea good for the body?

Parsley has several benefits, as analyzed by Rodrigo Silveira. It is rich in chlorophyll, capable of purifying the blood and detoxifying the body. In addition, this plant is also a great source of magnesium, a mineral responsible for facilitating nutrient absorption, regulating heartbeat and strengthening bones.

However, the director of Ervanarium warns of the difference between preparing parsley tea and using this plant as food. The main benefits of salsa happen when we use them in recipes. However, if you want to make tea, the drink must be made safely and for punctual use. You can take it for up to three days in a row and in specific cases such as urinary tract infections.

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According to Siveira, myristicin, a component found in parsley, has shown potential as a detoxifier, diuretic and also in decreased kidney stones. However, caution is needed, as studies on it are still ongoing.

Possible Benefits of Parsley Tea

To better understand the risks of this tea, we investigated the benefits of the tea in its most well-known uses. It is important to note that each body works in a way and only you and your doctor can be sure of what is best for your health, but always worth knowing about what you intend to consume, right?

Is it good for the kidneys?

Parsley tea may contribute to kidney purification, but studies on plant components are still underway. In any case, it is recommended that people who already have kidney problems opt for alternative herbs such as the stone breaker.

Help to lose weight?

Because parsley is a powerful diuretic, drinking your tea gives the illusion of weight loss. In fact, in excessive consumption, the person ends up eliminating too much water, overloading the kidneys. This can lead to undesirable dehydration, says the director of Ervanarium.

Contraindications of Parsley Tea

Parsley, as a medicinal use, is a plant that can present health risks, says Silveira. Although it is used to purify the kidneys and even as a detox or weight loss, be careful with its active ingredient, apiol, also known as "green parsley oil".

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There are also some specific cases in which one should not consume the plant: during pregnancy, breastfeeding and also in cases of nephrosis (kidney disease).

When consumed in excess, parsley tea can, among other problems, affect hearing, the kidneys and cause dizziness. For those who want to get all the medicinal benefits of parsley without putting their health at risk, the suggestion is to administer this plant in the form of homeopathy.

How to use salsa tea in cooking

Although parsley tea is highly propagated, care must be taken about its consumption. Because parsley is easily found in our cities and can even be grown in our homes, such as in a garden garden, preparing your tea is very practical, and many people drink it without even having a doctor's appointment.

Therefore, to protect your health, Rodrigo Silveira's indication is that parsley should be consumed only as food and in daily quantities of less than 200 g. The main way is to use it as a seasoning for recipes to give a little more taste to the dishes. Try complementing savory meats and dishes to vary in common seasonings.

With all this information, you already know the care you need to take when consuming a medicinal herb. In the case of parsley, does it present any risks when used in cooking? whether to spice up chicken or Sunday noodles? but its use in teas is not recommended. Before making any tea, seek a professional in the field.

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