Party bags

THE party bag It's the kind of accessory that only comes out of the closet on special occasions, but every woman needs to have it. The advantage is that as this type of bag is not used so often, a classic model goes well in any season. The same bag can be worn for a long time without risking being out of style.

And if you think that party bags need to be expensive, you're wrong. You can find beautiful models without spending a lot. To find the ideal party bag, it is important to follow some rules.

How to choose party bags

At party bags they need to be small and delicate, just the right size to carry only the essentials.

The ideal model can be chosen according to each personality. More serious women may opt for a Wallet straight and structured, which gives a sophisticated touch to the look. Already the most romantic, can invest in fabric bags soft and with lace details.

It is also worth betting on vintage bags, those found in thrift stores and looking like they came out of Grandma's trunk, but always check to see if the bag is well kept. For those who like details, the handbags with stones, embroidery, brooches and rhinestone or metal piece buttoning applications are a good choice.

In time to combine the party costume With the bag you need to be aware. The bag does not necessarily have to be the same colors as the clothes or shoes, but should match the look's style.

Avoid too much information, embroidered dresses, full of brightness and with many details call for a more discreet bag. Plain and simpler dresses can be accompanied by embroidered bags and bright. If the dress is too colorful or print, prefer the bags in neutral colors. A good option is silver bags, which match just about everything.

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