Pearl Wedding: Tips to Celebrate 30 Years of a Precious Marriage

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Do you know how many years of marriage is celebrated at the pearl wedding? 30 years! That's right, 30 years with the person you chose to share a life with.

It is such a special date that it deserves to be celebrated in an unforgettable way. To help you out, we've prepared a guide full of tips for organizing a pearl wedding party, inspirations, and more.

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  • Meaning of Pearl Wedding
  • Tips for organizing the party
  • Inspirations for the celebration
  • What to wear at the pearl wedding
  • 15 phrases of pearl wedding to send to your love

Meaning of Pearl Wedding

The meaning of pearl wedding is directly linked to marine jewelry. It means that the couple went through many difficult times, needed to protect themselves from turbulence, obstacles and remained firm, making the marriage even more beautiful.

This also happens with jewelry, as the oyster surrounds the foreign body and protects it until it becomes a pearl. Thus, the meaning is in protection, in caring to carve out a strong, beautiful and pure relationship.

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Tips for Organizing a Pearl Wedding Party

Celebrating 30 years of marriage with a party requires a lot of care and attention. How many guests will we have? Where to do? It's the food? There are several steps to make an unforgettable celebration. We have prepared some little dams to help you, check:

Start with the guest list

First of all, you must select the party guests. From there you will be able to more easily choose the place, the buffet service and the souvenirs. The tip is to invite friends who were part of the couple's history, such as the groomsmen and the people who helped the couple stand firm in those years.

Also, of course, their family must be invited. Setting up the guest list is very intimate and private, so think together with your love that the party makes sense and you and not forget anyone!

Think of the budget

Even though the pearl wedding is a very special celebration, it is important not to go overboard with the party. By setting your budget, you will be able to move on to the next steps more easily.

Define if the couple will pay all the expenses or if friends and family will help. Also define if it will be free buffet or if each guest should pay for their plate.

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Choose party location

Keep in mind the style of your party: is it big or more intimate? A barbecue? A dinner? A religious ceremony? The secret is to choose what suits the couple the most. There are those who like a party where the guests only leave in the morning, while others prefer a small meeting.

For each choice there is a suitable place. The important thing is to choose a comfortable space that offers the ideal conditions for your plans.A buffet or enclosed space, for example, ensures greater privacy and security.

Plan the pearl wedding decoration

Choose a theme decoration. A cake table with pearls, neutral colors and pearlescent tones may be a good choice. From a theme, it is easier to assemble the whole creative part of the party.

Decide what to serve on the big day

Go for appetizers, snacks and starters during the beginning of the event and until the ceremonial is held. Then serve dinner or lunch. A choice of white and red meat, salad and rice are the most common choices for this type of party.

Don't forget the ceremonial

If you choose a religious celebration, the ceremonial command is up to the religious leader. If you prefer a regular party and cannot hire a ceremonialist, choose someone who was part of the couple's life to give a speech. This person may be one of the children or some sponsor.

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Hire a band or musician

Choosing the soundtrack of the celebration is very important. Prefer a versatile band that can play various rhythms and please everyone. It's important to have music from dinner, with something calmer, until it's time for guests to go to the dance floor.

Capriche on the candy table

This is a favorite part of the guests and usually brings a variety of chocolates, sweets and treats in general. You can choose the flavors you prefer and decorate them with the pearl theme. Combine with your ceremonialist the best time to release the candy.

Determine the costume

This detail will greatly depend on the style of your party. If it's a daylight party, ask your guests to wear lighter clothes. If the party is in the evening at a buffet, you can already ask the guests for a fine or even social sports attire. But remember: it is important that everyone is comfortable!

Schedule photo and video to register the party

A photographer cannot miss the party, as recording this beautiful moment is essential. Choose a team that can meet your needs. If you wish, you can include video in the budget as well.

Make party favors

The memories of the pearl wedding should be chosen according to their meaning. Whether referring to something striking for the couple or just following the pearly theme, it is interesting that guests bring home a material souvenir.

These are some tips for preparing a pearl wedding party. Of course, they must always adapt to the couple's style (and pocket too!).

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35 inspirations to celebrate pearl wedding

To illustrate the above tips, we've prepared a list of inspirations that will help you plan your pearl wedding celebration. We have also separated some ideas for those who want to celebrate more simply and intimately. Check out!

1. Pearl wedding: theme based decoration

2. You can also choose a more different decoration of the classic theme.

3. The decoration can be the couple's face

4. The invitation should be done with great care and affection.

5. Look how beautiful this pearl wedding cake is!

6. The cake can be more than one floor

7. And you can follow the theme of the party

8. Think of a special cake topper for the occasion.

9. Look how sweet this pearl wedding cake topper is

10. For the souvenirs, how about these soap cans?

11. The details of these party favors are perfect

12. Another essential party spot is the candy table.

13. Sweeties may come with tags to enhance decor

14. Or you can opt for decorated fine candies

15. These are already designed and perfect.

16. Light flowers match pearl wedding very well

17. You can also opt for brighter flowers

18. Guest tables can be without separation

19. Or separated by islands

20. Giving guests personalized cups is a hot idea

21. How about investing in a cocktail bar?

22. Create a custom menu for the dishes that will be served during the party.

23. Silver plated balloons are perfect for the wedding

24. Enjoy the space by putting old pictures of the couple

25. A nice tip is the bouquet with pearlescent details

26. There are couples who choose to renew their vows in an intimate ceremony.

27. Others Choose to Renew the Wedding Album with a Photo Essay

28. And there are those who prefer to travel to celebrate the date

29. If you're in doubt about your pearl wedding gift, how about a necklace?

30. Or a surprise gift?

31. The important thing is to enjoy the wedding

32. Be with a religious ceremony

33. With a special trip

34. Or with a big party

35. The pearl wedding must be celebrated with much love!

These are some ways to celebrate 30 years of marriage.With these tips, you will make the most of this special date.

What to wear at the pearl wedding

To choose the costume to celebrate the wedding, you need to follow the style of the party. We have prepared a list of inspirations for you to rock tonight with your love.

1. The most common is the wife wearing the traditional wedding dress

2. Entitled to tiara and all

3. The couple can choose a more sporty look

4. Full tour is also an option

5. You can escape the traditional white

6. Choose lighter shades

7. Or even opt for a stripped look

8. The pearl wedding outfit will depend on the style of the party

9. And it should match your personality

10. There are no rules, the most important thing is to feel good!

As long as the look matches the style of the celebration, you can feel free to wear whatever you want. It's also worth matching the colors and fabrics with your soulmate's outfit!

15 phrases of pearl wedding to send to your love

The declaration of love can come through messages, either by letters or via cell phone, or even in speech during the wedding party. To help you out, we've separated 10 phrases about pearl weddings that promise to thrill.

  1. Without love, no drop would ever turn to pearl.
  2. "Marriage is a bond that grows stronger over the years."
  3. "My love, thank you for protecting our relationship and being essential for it to become that precious."
  4. "My love, I am so grateful that you are by my side, being my refuge and fortress for so many years."
  5. Look back and see everything we've ever achieved together, everything we've fought for, everything we believe in. See all that lies ahead for both of us.
  6. "Nothing is purer than the love we built together, taking care of that purity has been a sweet job."
  7. It's 30 years by your side. 30 years I choose you every day and I will choose for the rest of my life.
  8. “May ours always be this preciousness. That where we walk we can leave love.?
  9. “My love, thank you for choosing me and for making my days happier during these years.
  10. Looking at what we have grown over these 30 years, our children, our home, our friends, I see that our yes was the best thing that ever happened.

As you have seen, there are several ways to celebrate 30 years of marriage. Whether with friends and family or a more intimate reunion, the pearl wedding represents a very important date that should not be left blank.


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