Phobia: When Fear Becomes Disease

Do you know that feeling that something bad can happen, that nuisance in front of an object, a person, an animal or even a situation? It's the fear, which acts as a defense when one comes across something that poses a potential threat, whether physical or psychological.

Despite being a normal feeling, fear can become a disorder when it becomes persistent and excessive. Unlike normal fear, the phobia it becomes exaggerated and unreasonable, causing the person to try to avoid what activates fear and support feared situations and objects with great anxiety and anguish.

If for some people riding a lift, for example, is a non-hazardous situation, for those who have claustrophobia it can cause a lot of discomfort.

For people who have some phobia, the feeling of fear is accompanied by intense anxiety and in some cases even physical symptoms ranging from tachycardia, dizziness, excessive sweating, tremors, even panic attacks occur.

THE phobia Aged may appear, the disorder may arise from childhood to adulthood and its intensity varies from person to person. It is possible that the person with some kind of phobia can lead a normal life, without this excessive fear interfering negatively in daily activities. There are three phobia types: agoraphobia, social phobia and the specific phobias. Learn a little about each type.


It is an anxiety disorder that is usually linked to panic attacks. The person is afraid of being indoors or in situations where it would be difficult to escape or receive help in the event of an emergency. O agoraphobic avoids elevators, crowded places such as movie theaters, malls, concerts, traffic jams, buses, subways, tunnels and bridges. In the most severe cases, the agoraphobia It can compromise a person's social and professional life.

Social phobia

When we need to expose ourselves publicly, it is common for the situation to generate anxiety and apprehension. But for those suffering from social phobia, activities such as working, writing, or speaking in front of others cause dread. Contact with other people is seen as a threat because it can cause some humiliation, one imagines that one can do something that is considered ridiculous or embarrassing like having a? White? or talk some bullshit.

Specific Phobias

At specific phobias Too many. Some of them are related to animals, objects and better known situations while others are quite different, including in name. High fear, of cockroaches, snakes, dogs, bees, fear of dentist, of injection, of darkness, of thunder. Check out some phobias names curious:

When does a fear become a phobia? (April 2021)

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