Pholia Negra and Pholia Magra: The New Weight Loss Capsules

When it comes to losing weight, it is always good to have help. According to functional nutritionist Hellen Fernandes, consultant at Galgani Pharmacy Manipulation (BH) Pholia Negra and Pholia Magra herbal capsules help eliminate those extra pounds that insist on appearing on the scale.

The expert explains that Pholia Negra is made from the concentrated extract of the indigenous plant Ilex P. It acts on the body with the delayed gastric emptying. What increases gastric fullness? That is, using the natural helper causes food to take longer to digest, increasing the feeling of satiety in our body.

According to the expert, the substance also decreases the formation of visceral fat, which accumulates in the abdomen (in the viscera such as pancreas, intestine and liver) and is considered the major villain in cases of cardiovascular disease.

The effectiveness of Pholia Negra was confirmed by a study by the Department of Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of São Paulo (USP). The result showed that the substance can reduce overweight by more than 10% and weight maintenance can last up to 12 months.

Pholia Magra is a Brazilian herb known as Ecalyculata vell. "Its action has appetite inhibiting activity and contributes to a greater burning of localized fat, especially the abdomen," explains the nutritionist. The substance is also considered diuretic and known as 'dry tummy'.

"The use of Pholia Lean can prevent the deposition of fat on the wall of the coronary arteries, which reduces the risk of overweight-related heart problems."

Both substances are administered in capsules and can be used at the same time. The specialist recommends that the patient use 50 to 250mg per day of Pholia Negra. The indication for the use of Pholia Magra varies between 150 and 300 mg daily.

• Treatment should be performed for 30 days. Then there is a break of 30 to 60 days, and then it can be resumed ?, explains. It is also indicated that before starting the use of herbal medicines the person should receive guidance from a medical professional or nutritionist, to avoid against indications or allergies.

The capsules are found in pharmacies handling and cost on average R $ 75,00 (30 capsules of Pholia Negra) and R $ 35,00 (30 capsules of Pholia Magra). But a warning. For the natural helper to be effective, the patient must maintain a balanced diet and exercise.

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