Physical activity is quality of life

Are medical guidelines clear? physical activity is quality of life, so it is so necessary. How many times have we heard this phrase, so beaten and so current in our day. So often, we end up not valuing the necessary, much less take this orientation seriously.

We know that the body needs to be worked on, revitalized, but we are seated in our delicious armchairs and given over to comfort, and we are hardly excited to go out to take care of the body.

The remote, the computer induces us to remain idle, because we receive the information, have fun, and give up the pleasure of taking care of the body, and even enjoy running in the park, enjoying a bike. Anyway, there's nothing more comfortable than staying at home.

Nuno Cobra in his book "The Seed of Victory", makes clear the need to take care of the body as we do other daily activities such as brushing our teeth.

But because we know the importance and we have so much resistance to start a physical activity?

Let's put aside laziness and let's get health and wellness. To do this, choose an activity that you enjoy very much, and which brings you satisfaction in practicing it. Running, swimming, skating, boxing, fencing, volleyball, soccer, belly dancing - there are plenty of options to suit all tastes.

Many people think that activity is just pulling iron, but we can play a lot of interesting sports, and all will bring benefits to your body and mind. Physical activity is quality of life because it releases substances that provide well-being and pleasure. Therefore, engaging in physical activity, as well as burning calories and improving your cardiovascular condition, increases your self-esteem and makes you happier.

Physical Activity Guidelines (April 2021)

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