Physical exercises according to your biotype

Thin or slightly overweight, tall or short, with the upper or lower hips, narrow or broad shoulders, high or flat stomach, each woman has a different biotype. And as many are dissatisfied with some body part, whether by localized fat, excesses here or there or even lack of curves, they are always looking for alternatives to leave the body. body in shape.

Anyway, those who practice physical activities only have to gain, but knowing how to choose the right modalities and exercises can make all the difference in results. According to research in the United States, women can be divided into four biotypes. And for each of them, there is a dominant gland that must be considered when choosing an exercise to practice. Find out what is the best type of exercise according to your biotype and the most suitable options for working different regions of the body.

Body healed

Women who are not very thin but are born with a curvaceous body and do not have to make much effort to keep their bodies well fit into the adrenal group, the gland responsible for the production of the hormone cortisol.

Even fortunate enough to have a body envied by the majority, these women should be careful to avoid gaining fat and mass, which cause quite obvious changes in curves. Ideal activities that help keep your body up to date are step and running class.

  • Step? In addition to bringing many wellness benefits, practicing platform-up and down circuits helps to increase muscle endurance, strengthen bones, ligaments, and keep the body fit as the step burns a lot of calories.
  • Running class? Physical activity where treadmill running differs only because it should be done in a group. Running is a great option for those who want to keep their body fit and eliminate those extra pounds.

Slim body

Just as there are naturally healed women, so there are those who are thin and have no problems with localized fat or some oversized body part. The dominant gland for this type of body is the thyroid, which stimulates caloric expenditure in the body.

It seems not, but thin women can and should exercise, especially activities that help increase muscle mass, such as localized gymnastics and bodybuilding.

  • Bodybuilding? As the name implies, it works the muscles contributing to a more defined and healthy body. If practiced correctly and without exaggeration, bodybuilding does not fatten or deform the body. The regular practice of the activity is to define and make the legs, hips, arms and belly firmer and more shapely.
  • Localized gymnastics? One of the most traditional physical activities, localized gymnastics includes a variety of exercises that help in strengthening muscle and bring several benefits to the whole body.

Wide hips

Women who have a body type in which their hips are prominent belong to the gonodal gland group, which is responsible for estrogen production. Generally, those with this biotype have a shorter height, slim waist and narrow shoulders. The ideal activities for wide-hip women are aerobic exercises that work more on the lower limb region, such as the jump it's the spinning.

  • Jump? Jumping is an aerobic physical activity that, in addition to helping to relieve stress and improve posture, prevents and fights sagging and cellulite. It also serves to strengthen the musculoskeletal system due to increased gravitational load and gives more muscular endurance.
  • Spinning? Spinning activities are very efficient and guarantee good results in the stiffening of the butt, legs and abdomen. It's a great choice for women with this type of biotype because it burns a lot of calories.

Protruding belly

Women who have an almost perfect body but complain about their bulging belly or who have a great deal of fat accumulation in this region fall into the pituitary biotype, the glands responsible for regulating metabolism. And to combat or prevent bulging in the abdomen, the tip is to practice physical activities that include bodybuilding or localized gymnastics.

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