Phytotherapy: solutions that come from nature

THE Phytotherapy It is a set of techniques that uses herbal medicines to treat and combat infectious diseases, allergies, metabolic disorders and many other cases. If used properly, these drugs can have many health benefits and deliver results, sometimes even superior to conventional drug treatments. Another advantage is that in herbal medicine treatment Side effects are minimized.

Phytotherapeutic is considered any pharmaceutical preparation, whether extracts, tinctures, ointments or capsules, which uses in its composition stems, leaves, flowers, roots and seeds of plants that have proven effectiveness. This shows that the Phytotherapy It can offer inexpensive solutions for the treatment of various diseases.

The bias on the part of doctors themselves against this type of medicines is no longer existing thanks to the numerous scientific studies and tests that are being performed. Until recently, the Phytotherapy It was considered an inferior and popular medicine, propagated by quacks and profiteers, using plants that can be found anywhere, even in the backyard.

On the other hand, as with any other type of medicine, caution should be exercised when using herbal medicines. The popular belief that what comes from nature is no harm induces the use of these medicines without any precaution, people forget that any medicine should not be used without medical advice and that certain plants are toxic. One can hardly reach a state of overdose by boldo tea, for example, but the effect of some plants is unknown and their indiscriminate and prolonged use can bring health problems. Allergies, serious toxic effects and even cancer development may arise.

Before you start using the techniques of Phytotherapy, seek to know the origin of plants, teas and medicines. Most of them are on the market clandestinely, without respecting any scientific criteria and quality control, since mainly in tropical countries these plants are abundant and can be found anywhere. Because they are easily accessible, they are eventually confused with each other because of similar characteristics.

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