Pity Effect is Nails Inc.'s New Bet

Known for its irreverent and effectful nail polish such as concrete finish nail polish, Nails Inc. bets on Feather Nails, the effect that makes it look like your nails have several small colored feathers. The feathers are actually made of small, long, large glitters that end up giving the effect as they overlap and cluster in the application.

Each nail polish combines two distinct colors, enhancing the dynamism of the nail effect: Edinburgh contains peach and light blue, Brighton comes in turquoise and yellow, Cornwall with blue and white and York in peach and white. For complete coverage, two to three layers of the product or application over another enamel are suggested.

The Bling version comes in silver and gold, iridescent color and super bright. The difference between each other is in the application. While Feather Nails already comes with glitter inside the base, the Bling it on Comes in a kit with base, loose glitter, brush to remove excess and a tray to put the product, so you can put your nail inside and get a better result.

The product is for sale on the site and can be purchased for £ 11.00 each glass of Feather Nails and for now Bling it on Feathers is sold out, unfortunately, as it is the most beautiful of feather options.

Shawn Mendes Illuminate Nail Art (May 2021)

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