Pixie Cut: Inspirations and Tips for Adopting this Stylish and Charming Cut

Changing the locks helps a lot in looking up. Whether short, long, medium, conventional or asymmetrical cuts, the important thing is that you look in the mirror and feel your self-esteem increase, realizing how powerful, beautiful and diva you are!

If you are in love with short hair, how about betting on the cut that is one of the big trends for 2017 and that is perfect for both bold and attitude women, as well as for the delicate ones who want to get rid of the? Girl face ??

The pixie is a fairly short cut, but surprising for its charm and versatility. It is also an excellent option for Brazilian women, as it helps to withstand our tropical heat.

Find out what his characteristics are, get inspired and see the best reasons to adopt this style for you!

How to use pixie crop

Firstly, you need to have an idea of ​​what the pixie cut really is. According to hairdresser Sandro Cassolari, “Pixie's main feature is that she is a short cut with attitude. For example, shorter side, uneven or well shredded bangs.

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That is, keep in mind a hair that is a variation of the famous Johnny, but with quite asymmetry and that makes a beautiful impact on being seen.

Here are some combinations that make pixie more beautiful, interesting and that can match beautifully the style you adopt!

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