Pompon rug: learn to do and get inspired by ideas

Whether in the bathroom, at the foot of the bed or in the living room, a rug will always be welcome to include warmth and personality in the decor of a home. And the cuter he is, the more comfortable he obviously will be. This function is properly performed by the pompom mat, which can be made very simply by you, without major investments.

Producing your own piece will give you the freedom to customize it as you like, choosing the right size, your favorite colors, and the materials that best fit your budget and style. Check out the following tutorials and see how this work can become a therapy:

Make your pompom rug yourself

Practice your craftsmanship and make your own pompoms mat. You'll need some fleece and scissors to create the accessories, and a base of your own to attach them to:

3-color pompom mat

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a pompom mat very simply using inexpensive materials such as a plastic screen used in bathrooms.

Colorful rug with small pompoms

With several wool nieces, you can make a very colorful pompom rug, like the one in the video above. The degree of difficulty of this work? Zero!

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Medium mat with carpet

The carpet made by vlogueira in this tutorial had a talagaça base, ideal material to create a non-slip protection to the piece. Easy to make and super cute to decorate any corner of the house.

How to make multiple pompoms at once

If you are looking for practicality, this video is for you. Learn how to make several pompoms at once, with a very simple and practical technique, and the best: without spending too much.

Rectangular Embossed Rug

In this English video (don't worry if you don't speak the language, as the tutorial is visually didactic), you will learn how to make woolen pompoms with toilet paper rolls.

See how easy it is? Choose the size and shape of your choice and get your hands dirty!

20 pompom rugs that will inspire you to make your

If you still need a little push to boost your creativity, just peek through the list below to get inspired (and fall in love):

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1. Handmade rugs may receive some units of pompoms.

2. And made with different colors, such as pastel colors

3. Or a neutral options chart

4. And also a single color

5. The more pompoms your rug has, the cuddier it will be

6. And if you produce each unit in a standardized way, the result will be more sober

7. But that's not a rule, as with a colorful rug everything gets more fun

8. The materials used to make each pompom can be wool

9. Velvety materials (those that look like a stuffed animal)

10. Or simple line? the thickness is up to you

11. Leaving them looser, he looks like a fur rug

12. But units in various sizes also add extra charm to the piece

13. Look how beautiful this carpet made with felt

14. A cute cat in the middle of the room also looks great, don't you think?

15. Everyone will want to protect their feet (and paws) from the cold on this rug.

16. Enjoy all the wool leftovers you have at home

17. Even if they have different textures

18. To produce a room coloring rug

19. Or to decorate the baby's room

20. And also to include a touch of art in your home

Have you defined the mood of your corner will receive a beautiful carpet of pompoms? And the format of your piece has already been defined? Tell us here in the comments.

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