Practical tips for washing and storing woolen clothes

Some people end up avoiding buying wool clothes afraid of not being able to wash or keep them in good condition, but there are some simple and practical little tricks that help a lot when wash and store woolen clothes.

One of the precautions that should be taken is never to wash the parts in the machine as this can irreparably damage your wires. However, if you do not have time to wash them by hand, try using the gentle mode for machine washing and putting them in special sachets to protect delicate clothing.

Other watch out for woolen clothes It is not to let them soak for a long time. Hand wash with coconut soap and avoid rubbing them, just give them a little light squeeze and then rinse well. Use of fabric softener is allowed as long as the pieces do not soak for more than five minutes.

At white wool clothes they may turn yellow over time, so to avoid this sign of aging and keep them longer, add a teaspoon of 30 volumes of hydrogen peroxide at the time of washing.

As for drying, avoid placing the wool clothes in dryers or exposed to strong sunlight. They should be gently twisted wrapped in a towel and then extended horizontally on the towel. The drying should preferably be shaded and never hung on the clothesline.

As woolen clothes are rarely worn during the year, laundering may be less frequent to ensure better garment preservation. In addition, it is not necessary to iron wool with a hot iron, as the suggested drying method itself prevents the laundry from getting wrinkled.

Who has little time to take care of washing and drying clothes wool, you can choose to have the parts sent to a laundry specialized in this type of material.

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