Pregnant Essay: Tips and Inspirations for Amazing Photos

The moment when a baby is carried in the belly is very special for some women who, to make this moment in their memory, choose to make beautiful photographic essays, guaranteeing those memories forever.

But from the location, the clothes, to the poses and the right time to make the photos, many questions arise. For this, we have separated some tips and photos to help you on how to have a wonderful pregnant rehearsal.

4 tips for a beautiful and safe rehearsal

And to ensure a perfect rehearsal, which ensures the comfort and beauty of the pregnant woman, it is worth keeping an eye on some tips, see below.

  1. Period: One of the first doubts that arises when thinking about the pregnant woman's essay is: in which period of the pregnancy should the photos be taken? Remember that each woman is different and this also applies to her pregnancy. The test should be done when the belly is already noticeable, which may occur earlier for some women and later for others. However, it is advised that the photo shoot be held in the last trimester of pregnancy, between the 25th and the 33rd week, to ensure that the test focuses on the belly, but that the woman is still able to move and walk comfortably.
  2. Place: The options are varied, from a park, a street, a forest, to the pregnant woman's house. But among all these scenarios, the most important points to consider before making the rehearsal is in relation to the style that the pregnant woman seeks and the comfort of it. Therefore, if the woman has a more urban and modern style, city photos with industrial and contemporary elements may look better. While traditional moms can enjoy rehearsals at home or in a wide open field, for example. Just remember that, in terms of comfort, photographers should ensure the safety of women and the baby, avoiding hard-to-reach places that require great physical efforts.
  3. Clothes: One thing that also needs some attention is the clothes to be worn during the photo shoot. The important thing is to value the body of the pregnant woman, giving focus to the belly, but without neglecting comfort. Thus, dresses and tops that reveal the belly can be a good option, or, more tight clothes that highlight the silhouette of the pregnant. Of course, the dress also depends on the style of the rehearsal and the location chosen for the photos, after all it is not good to clash with very formal clothes in scenery in nature or vice versa.
  4. Pose: One thing that may worry the future mom about the poses she should do during the session, after all, the famous picture with her hands on her belly may start to get repetitive. In this respect, what is indicated is that the positions are varied and natural, whether in profile, lying down, hands on hair, hips or even with the traditional hand on the belly, it is essential that nothing seems forced.

By following these tips and alerting the photographer to the rehearsal style you expect, you can ensure an incredible, headache-free session.

75 charming pictures of pregnant women to be inspired

And to fall in love with the different types of rehearsals and get inspired for your session, check out these beautiful photos of pregnant women who are breathtaking.

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1. Photos of this special moment may look magical

2. Looking like they were taken from a fairy tale

3. Or an enchanted forest

4. Pregnant women may seem like true princesses

5. With your colorful dresses

6. And enchanted princes

7. Tropical photos look amazing too

8. Making the beach a beautiful backdrop for photos

9. Abusing natural elements

10. After all, the water gives a special touch to the session.

11. Whether in artistic essays

12. Or more natural

13. Accompanied

14. Or alone

15. The important thing is to feel happy

16. Essays on leaf media are also very beautiful

17. Or among flowers

18. Like Daisies

19. Or Sunflowers

20. It becomes very cute when another child participates

21. And you can even make the session more fun

22. And even more exciting

23. And who said moms can't feel sexy?

24. Be in the bathtub

25. Or in a stream

26. Pools are also great places for pregnant women rehearsals

27. Isn't it?

28. Photos may have a symbolic tone

29. Or be more traditional

30. Nudes Are Always a Good Option

31. They make the photos beautiful

32. And full of feeling

33. Is it possible to vary in poses

34. Or keep your hands on your stomach

35. It is interesting to incorporate in the essays something that the pregnant woman

36. Like sports

37. Or flowers

38. And even special places

39Alternative pregnant women are not left out either

40. Being able to do a stylish essay

41. Be outdoors

42. Or indoors

43. A good idea is to use toys in rehearsal.

44. Like your little shoes

45. The rehearsal can also be done at home.

46. ​​Showing Future Mom's Routine

47. The important thing is always to make the pregnant woman comfortable

48. To make photos look natural and beautiful

49. The natural setting always yields good pictures.

50. Ranging from a train line in a deserted place

51. Or an open field

52. And even a forest

53. Using baby ultrasound in rehearsal may be a good idea

54. Or the little signs like? Future mom?

55. And little cards with cute baby phrases are charming too

56. Nothing prevents Daddy from taking pictures too

57. Details may also appear in the essay.

58. The background to be used can be made of light colors and delicate decoration.

59. Even the most vibrant and fun tones

60. Tree testing is always an option.

61. Leaving the natural and charming rehearsal

62. And the boldest mothers can choose mountains, for example, as the stage of their session.

63. But beaches do not lose their space between pregnant trials

64. Is there something more beautiful after all?

65. Special objects from the pregnant woman herself can be used

66. Or, you can express the emotion with photos in a memorable place

67. Like where parents met, for example

68. Photos can be quite simple

69. Or mega elaborate

70. Thematic essays are also an option.

71. And the bold do not lose their place

72. Shadows can message details

73. It is essential to remember that the pregnant woman should always be comfortable

74. Happy

75. And especially, especially at this moment so important

Each rehearsal carries unique emotions and messages, with memories that will be forever. Following the tips here and taking inspiration from these beautiful photos, there is no way not to guarantee a beautiful pregnancy test, right?

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