Protect yourself from food poisoning

THE food poisoning It is more common than you think. Ingest some spoiled food It can cause unpleasant symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, among other discomforts.

Symptoms usually appear within 12 hours of eating contaminated food. And the danger is not always visible, a food contaminated by bacteria It does not always have the appearance, smell and taste that denounce its condition.

To stay away from the problem, it is best to always consume home-prepared foods and those you know have been handled with complete hygiene.

However, eating home-cooked meals seems to be the privilege of the few today. The daily routine forces many people to a menu full of options such as natural sandwich, barbecue, hot dogs, pastries, finally, foods easily found in cafeterias, bars, stalls, kiosks, fairs and even on the streets.

Since it is not always possible to know how the food was prepared and if the ingredients were stored correctly, it is essential to keep an eye on everything you eat and to take some care to prevent food poisoning.

In the street

If you need to eat outside, always choose reliable places. Always observe the hygiene conditions of the environment and also the seller. The local trash can should always be closed. Make sure the seller's clothes are clean, the nails are well cut, the seller handles the food and receives the money at the same time without washing his hands.

In places without running water, plates, glasses and cutlery should be disposable and the ice used in food preparation should be made with drinking water. Also analyze the smell, color, aroma and taste of the food or drink being sold.

If you suspect any of these, it is preferable to look elsewhere to eat. A champion food when it comes to food poisoning, is mayonnaise. Therefore, avoid consuming sauces, condiments, homemade mayonnaise and raw foods.

At home

Animal foods are the ones that most need attention when preparing and consuming. Avoid eating eggs with raw yolk, red meat, chicken and rare fish. Foods that are eaten raw, such as fruits and vegetables, should be thoroughly washed under running water and stored in the refrigerator.

When you go to the supermarket, check the product packaging carefully. Check the expiration date, date of manufacture, storage time and the health inspection stamp. Even within their shelf-life, food after opening needs care to prevent it from spoiling. Check out two videos on the subject and learn how to protect your family from problems caused by spoiled foods.

How To Protect Yourself From Food Poisoning : जानिए कैसे बचा जा सकता है फूड पोइसोनिंग (April 2021)

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