Realistic tattoo: 80 designs that look real

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A realistic tattoo catches the eye not only for its features, but also for its effect. Many of them seem to be true copies of objects, people, animals, among other themes, and to be executed, must be made by true artists.

Thinking of getting a realistic tattoo and looking for inspiration? This list can help you a lot in this mission. Check out:

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Realistic 3D Tattoos? a breathtaking technique

To make the tattoo even more realistic, the shading technique is critical to a 3D design. It creates a kind of? Volume? in art, giving the impression of movement or texture. See some inspirations:

1. More realistic than this ladybug, impossible

2. It looks like this butterfly just landed

3. By the way, the animal is one of the most tattooed in 3D format

4. In different shapes, colors and styles

5. Look at this phenomenal band aid

6. The tattooed person is doing well

7. And this snake hiding under the skin?

8. You can even believe that there is really a hook hooked there, right?

9. Under the clef, some small cracks

10. A realistic and everlasting third marked on the skin

11. It's hard for a shoulder tattoo not to look charming

12.? or in the back

13. And even on your lap

14. Gratitude for life?

15. This tattoo looks like it was practically buried in the skin.

16. Perfect shading is the big secret of a 3D tattoo

17. As well as some angular effects

18. Geometric Figures Masterfully Fit

19. An embossed amulet

20. The partnership tattoo featured a butterfly at each angle.

Tell the truth? your mind has now knotted to check these inspirations, isn't it?

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Realistic animal tattoos to die for love

In this following list you will find everything: from a favorite animal, insects? even your best friend pet. Ready to fall in love?

21. This realistic rabbit tattoo is extremely feminine.

22. A tribute to the little doghouse

23. Speaking of pets?

24. The delicacy of this tattoo is impressive.

25. A Realistic Breast Bud Tattoo

26. What about this kitten?

27. Realistic Lion Tattoo Closed Whole Arm

28. This art has gained a very colorful background.

29. Wasn't this gremlin perfect?

30. This forearm received all the cuteness of this rabbit

31. How about a realistic tattoo on the leg?

32. Even the woodpecker was properly remembered

33. Here the little eyes were the most outstanding

34. This horse is of an impressive realism.

35. The shading of this owl ensured a perfect nuance

36. The watercolor technique can also be used on a realistic tattoo.

37.? All cruelty arises from weakness?

38. Notice every detail of this tiger half face

39. Pointillism shading has incredible subtlety

40. Isn't this catioro the face of happiness?

41. No insect characteristics were forgotten during execution

What's up? Is your favorite pet included in this list?

Realistic tattoos of delicate and impressive flowers

Tattooing flowers is cool, but have you ever imagined tattooing a realistic flower? The effect is extraordinary, as you will see below:

42. The intense red of this rose gave a beautiful contrast to the skin.

43. By the way, one of the most performed realistic tattoos is this beautiful flower

44. Whether alone or very well accompanied by other details

45. But usually they always get more prominence

46. ​​Referring to delicacy, and often to love

47. The simplicity and delicacy of orchids

48. This tattoo filled the entire side of the leg.

49. While this looks like a pencil drawing

50. That waist detail that will never go unnoticed

51. Even the dewdrops on the petals were included.

52.? Prudence?

53. The realistic shades of green and brown of the foliage lived up to the style.

54. Just like in this tattoo

55. The birds amid the flowers closing the whole biceps

56. Do you have a bolder tattoo other than your hip?

57. And close to the wrist, she looks very stylish

58. Even in its sepia tone

59. Fuchsia, also known as Princess Earring

60. A little bit of faith marked on the skin

Accompanied or lonely, the flower tattoo will always be a guarantee of delicacy, believe me.

Realistic tattoos of people who look the most like photography

Whether you are a beloved person, an idol or even your favorite character, the realistic tattoo of people surprises not only for its perfection, but also for its sincere tribute. Look at some of the following:

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61.The human traits in pop art made the tattoo really fun

62. This eye looks more like a close

63. Face shading makes all the difference

64. Realistic people tattooing is perfect for honoring someone dear

65. Like that person who will always mark your life

66. Or that favorite character

67. And even someone famous

68. Nick Fury was very well portrayed in this art.

69. Just like Jack Nicholson in? The Shining?

70. That fan of Game of Thrones and Daenerys Targaryen

71. Or the talented Vicent Price

72. An eternity of the portrait of a son

73. One of America's Most Admired Figures

74. Is a part of the human body also worth?

75. Impossible to beat she's a natural fan of The Cure

76. The delicate features of this India were sensational

77. Some Flowers Added to Add More Delicacy to Tattoo

78. A beautiful reference to the movie Metropolis

79. And also to the great Johnny Cash

80. Who says a realistic tattoo of people needs to be huge?

For a realistic tattoo to be perfect, it is necessary to look for a qualified professional who specializes in this type of technique. What's more, just choose your art and schedule your session without thinking twice.

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