Red Hair: Learn How To Keep Them And See Beautiful Inspirations

The red hair is beautiful and draws everyone's attention for its intensity and strength. They are among one of the most requested shades by women who want to dare and change the color of the hair.

The range of shades is long, ranging from very orange redheads to the closest to blond and brown. Whether natural or tinted, they all guarantee originality and modernity to any woman's look.

35 red hair pics to fall in love

And to have the courage to venture into the world of red hair, check out some wonderful hair photos below.

1. There is no denying the beauty of red hair

2. They catch anyone's eye

3. And enhance the natural beauty of every woman

4. Getting attention wherever you go

5. Naturally redheads are very lucky

6. But the colored ones don't lose their charm either

7. Be very subtle in tone

8. Or more lively

9. No wonder redheads attract glances wherever they go

10. After all, how can you not admire such beautiful hair?

11. Orange blends well with all hair types

12. From the short

13. The Curly

14. The curly ones

15. Even the smoothies

16. The redhead seems to accentuate the expressiveness of women

17. Making them even more powerful

18. And stylish

19. Redhead is also perfect for all skin tones

20. Be the clearest

21. Or in black women

22. Redhead variations are also countless

23. Starting from lighter and more open tones

24. Passing the coppery orange

25. Until you get the darkest tones

26. Is the perfect color to dare

27. For those times when breaking the norm is essential

28. Even though still staying in the natural

29. And still give up on self-esteem

30. Because, it is impossible not to raze with beautiful red hair

31. There is no one who does not love

32. Because besides being radiant

33. And very charming

34. They make any woman wonderful

35. Like true works of art

With so many beautiful hair, it is difficult to choose which right redhead to use on your hair right? But with anyone you can rock.

Red Hair Care

Although very beautiful, red hair depends on certain care to stay healthy and hydrated, see some tips below.

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Take care of the water temperature

Although it looks harmless, hot water makes a big difference to red hair as it opens the cuticles and removes the protective layer of the hair, leaving hair dull and dehydrated. The high temperature also stimulates the production of sebum in the leather, leaving the oily root. Already the cooler water does the opposite of this, it makes the hair shine, as it soothes and moisturizes the scalp, ensuring not only a beautiful appearance but also stimulating the growth of the hair.

Use the right products

Often we tend to buy products dedicated to the texture of our hair, whether they are curly or straight, but with red hair, this care goes also for color. Therefore, using specific products for orange hair is important, as they have compounds that stimulate the hair pigments, reducing fading and ensuring hydration.

Always hydrate

Important for all hair types, hydration is even more essential for redheads, as hair tends to be drier, either by dyeing or by the natural red hair's capillary structure. Therefore, it is important to remember to make masks constantly or to have a hydration routine, either at home or in the salon. Moreover, this care is indispensable to avoid frizz of hair and its softness.

Toning is the secret

Like blondes and their tinting shampoos, toners should become the best friends of redheads. They ensure the vividness of color while maintaining the beauty of flashy orange hair, which tends to fade easily. It is possible to use toning shampoos once a week, choosing shades similar to your hair. It will activate the redhead's pigments, leaving the color more intense and brighter.

Sun care

A also important care that redheads should take, is regarding the exposure of hair to the sun, which ends up changing the color of the hair, making them more yellow. What happens is that the sun's rays oxidize the pigments in the wires and, to avoid this, just use a good sun-protection leave-in daily. This attention should be redoubled in places such as beaches and swimming pools, where the incidence of the sun is higher and even the hair may be exposed to salt and chlorine, which accelerate the fading.

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Nothing out of this world, right? It's just some basic care that ensures beautiful and lively hair.

4 hair coloring tutorials at home

To save money and still look beautiful, why not dye your hair at home? See clear tips in these great walkthrough videos below.

1. Switching to the dark redhead, by Alessandra Krug

Youtuber tells of her trajectory through different reds, until she decides to make the process of changing her hair to a darker orange color, very natural and elegant.

2. How to dye your hair a redhead with Lizzie Albuquerque

In this tutorial, Lizzie Albuquerque teaches how to dye red hair using only dye and hydrogen peroxide at the root and toning in length.

3. How to dye red hair at home, by Daianne Possoly

Using a mix of dyes and products, youtuber offers a step-by-step approach to getting the hair right in red hair. She even hints at how to use sweetener to prevent ink stains.

4. Copper redhead at home, by Julia Lira

In the video, she shows how she shampooed, then turned her hair orange, from a darker shade to a lighter redhead.

Regardless of the type of hair, there is no denying that the redhead fits all women. So stay tuned for the right products to arrive at your ideal color.

4 products to dye and care for red hair

Know how to ensure beautiful and healthy hair you have seen, but know the right products to use? See some options and directions where to buy.

Where to buy

  1. Amend Copper Effect Mask
  2. It is an excellent quality mask and worth the investment if you are looking for a good pigmentation mask that lasts long enough on the hair. ? Manu Alves

  3. Sagge Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo
  4. "In addition to cleaning, it can moisturize your hair, you believe it?" For us who are redheads this is wonderful.? ? Sharon Morais

  5. Igora Royal 7.77 Coloring at Ikesaki Cosmetics Store
  6. The reflection turned coppery as I wanted. Now I got the coppery dark red tone. Besides, the damn delay to fade, see? Super approved.? ? Cris Feller

  7. Kamaleon Color Flamingo Toner at Secret Color Store
  8. He made my hair beautifully orange, I loved it! So today, this is my favorite toner. ? Dobruski

There are so many tips and beautiful hair that makes you want to dye your hair is almost irresistible! Do not waste time and run after what is necessary to make your hair beautiful and reddish.

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