Red Wicks: Hair Color Ideas and Tutorials

Nana Freitas

Red streaks are not as common as blond ones, but they also make the hair look great. This also makes them a good alternative for those who want to innovate in the look and differentiate themselves by the color of the locks.

There are a lot of shades of red available on the market, as well as types of streaks that can be made. So, how about knowing some options and even seeing some tips for painting at home?

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25 powerful red strands of hair

The red streaks can renew your look. Check out inspiring photos below:

1. Red strands in black hair stand out

2. But they already draw attention by themselves.

3. The red streaks in curly hair look beautiful

4. Just as in corrugated

5. To get out of the ordinary, how about making red streaks at the ends?

6. The marsala red streaks can give that desired charm

7. There are several different shades you can choose from.

8. Ranging from a tighter red to orange

9. Like this one from here

10. And even darker ones

11. You can also use this color more discreetly

12. Look how beautiful this example

13. There are options for many tastes

14. And Hair Types

15. Red streaks in short hair get a bang

16. But also match the long strands

17. Red streaks in brown hair may look natural

18. What really matters is choosing a color you like

19. Just as the type of wick

20. After all, there are different ways to color your hair.

21. To leave you the way you want

22. The root can be more discreet and the tips more striking.

23. Or the color may be the same from root to tip

24. Don't red streaks in brown hair look beautiful?

25. You just want to run to the hall, don't you?

So, just saw how many possibilities? With so much choice, the hard part is choosing how to make the red streaks, right?

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How to make red streaks

To make red streaks, you don't always have to go to a salon. If you want to try this out on your own or at home with someone's help, the videos below may provide some tips.

Red streaks in the cap

For very thin locks, using a cap with holes can be a great alternative. This is a process that requires a lot of patience but yields an interesting result. As in the video the marsala paint was chosen, the red tone is very discreet, but you can use other inks too, if you want a brighter color

Red lights alone

For those who already have blonde lights in their hair and want to change the color, it is possible to red paint all the wires. Thus, the end result will be a hair with different shades of red. See in the video how simple it is.

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How to touch up red streaks

This is a tutorial for those who already have red streaks, but want to touch up the roots without leaving the hair marked. To achieve this result, you must be very careful and follow all the tips in the video.

Now that you have seen inspirations and some tips on how to paint the strands, you can think more calmly about what the red strand style would be like for you.

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