Rename or not after marriage?

One of the questions that arises in women's lives before marriage is whether or not they should change name after marriage. In the past, adding a husband's last name was a common practice and even mandatory by law, but now it has become optional and with one difference: the husband can also add his wife's last name if he wishes.

Deciding whether or not to add your spouse's name to yours really doesn't seem to be the easiest task. It is a choice that involves not only the couple, but ends up being also of interest to families. The most traditional may perceive the woman's decision to do not include husband's last name to her as a negative attitude, as a lack of commitment and disinterest in being part of the family.

Some couples choose not to change names after marriage to maintain their own identity and encourage respect for individuality. In addition, another reason that makes them make this decision is the fear that the process is too bureaucratic and time consuming or that changing the surname in the documents will also cause a bureaucratic problem. Still others have a different view and prefer to add their spouse's last name only when they have children.

However, there are still those who make a point of including the husband's last name to that of the wife or even delete maiden name of the wife to replace with the last name of the husband.

These changes still generate much discussion, as some believe that changing only the name of the woman is an attitude of macho origin. However, there are cases where the two add the surname of each other, so that this attitude is not viewed negatively, but rather as a sign of love and commitment between the two.

Changing documents is not as bureaucratic as it sounds and does not need to be done immediately after marriage. If the couple wants to spend their lives together, taking some time to make this change will not cost much. But if both prefer keep your maiden names and if they feel that way, they won't have to change anything in their documents.

It is also possible to go back to the maiden name after the change if you divorce or change your mind about it; It is also possible to add the name of the spouse after a few years of marriage. In any case, it is important for the couple to talk to each other to reach agreement on rename or not after marriage so that this subject does not become a problem.

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