Research studies remedy that can help you lose weight without exercise

Amlexanox (Aphthasol®, Apsol®) initially used to treat thrush is being researched for its effects on weight loss even without follow-up with physical activity. University of Michigan researchers tested the medication on obese rats on a high-calorie diet that did not exercise and yet managed to lose weight.

According to lead researcher Dr. Alan Saltiel, the biggest difference between using the medicine and dieting is that in the diet the body misses the intake of calories and accumulates what it has in the body to maintain itself. In the case of amlexanox, the body increases energy expenditure through thermogenesis.

The study also found that by cutting the intake of the drug, the mice regained weight.

If the treatment works in adults, the remedy will be like Viagra: initially used to treat a problem, it helps to solve another problem that many consider even bigger than the initial one.

Researchers will begin testing on humans later this year. It is noteworthy that its effect and safety for use in humans have not yet been confirmed. So do not self-medicate.

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