Retail Rug: 60 Photos and Tutorials to Make Your Home Look Beautiful

Dawneika Capuchino

The retail rug is a very nostalgic item when it comes to decorating. Anyone who has lived with a seamstress knows that it is a common scene for the patchwork bags that accumulate in the corner of the studio. However, despite the vintage aura, this item also combines with a more modern decor bringing color and joy to the environment.

For those who enjoy sewing or wanting to venture into the world of patchwork, we have selected five tutorials that will make you want to make your own rugs. Do you have the thread and needle in your hand? So come on!

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How to make retail carpet

Nothing better than that step-by-step tutorial to learn, isn't it? With that in mind, we've selected five videos to inspire you with:

Simple patchwork rug

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The Ider Alves tutorial is very easy and aimed at those who are starting in the patchwork world. You will only need three fabrics of your choice and jeans that you no longer wear.

Patchwork rug with easy-to-make mitered corner

In Ateliê Sapolina's video, four fabrics are used to make a beautiful rug. It also teaches how to sew the mitered corner and make the finish even better done.

Jeans rug

If you already have a little more advanced sewing knowledge, Teca shares this rug's recipe with round strips that give a petal-shaped finish.

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Fishbone Braid Rug

Eliana Zerbinatti features a fishbone-shaped retail rug tutorial. To make it stand out, the rug combines warm and cool colors, but you can choose the combination that suits you best.

Round patchwork rug

This round flap rug is made with strips of clothing that turn into a braid. The cool thing about it is the bold format that can be done by hand.

These tutorials make it easy to choose which rug is ideal for getting started and which one best suits your corner. So get to work?

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60 models of retail rug to embrace the modern grandma in you

Now that you know how to sew your patchwork carpet, we've put together 70 designs and ideas for you to decorate your home. Rugs range from the simplest to the most innovative.

1. A simple retail rug may be the missing item in your space.

2. Or why not a set?

3. Can assume a more Persian style

4. Or even invest in pastel colors

5. And why not be monochrome?

6. There are no limits to the prints

7. It is perfect for composing the environment

8. Combining warm, neutral colors looks wonderful

9. Can serve as a contrast to more sober tones

10. And until it's all black

11. Retro and modern

12. Why not abuse the dust?

13. Small Squares Make an Interesting Format

14. The square retail rug is a good choice for an American game.

15. Lines can give a different and more delicate touch.

16. The rug can also match the rest of the decor.

17. Purple, pink and white is a classic combination.

18. There are people who take art to another level

19. And play with the shapes

20. And with the edges

21. Flower prints make everything more romantic

22. But the traditional always fits

23. You'll want to put it in every corner of the house.

24. The oval retail rug is a good idea to innovate in the shape

25. Can you play house at ease

26.Working with color palettes gives an elegant touch

27. Pink and blue also combine too much

28. But there is no limit to combinations

29. Large Rugs Simply Rock

30. Minors too

31. Size is up to you

32. The important thing is to let the imagination flow

33. Can be used in the bathroom.

34. At the entrance of the house

35. In the bedroom

36. Where you prefer

37. What counts is creativity

38. The imagination

39. And the desire to decorate the environment

40. Welcoming visitors

41. And coziness

42. Letting Your Personality Flow

43. A round retail rug may be missing

44. Look how gorgeous it looks all in red

45. Kids will love it too

46. ​​How about a basic white?

47. Retail carpet can become addictive

48. Does it even pity to tread

49. Prints are a range of possibilities.

50. Can contrast with the armchair

51. Can be used for thematic dates as well.

52. Like this Christmas rug

53. If you already have practice you can be inspired by this model.

54The retail rug is undoubtedly very versatile.

55. A true classic!

56. The rectangular flap mat is the little basque that works

57. It's timeless

58. You can always create a different format.

59. Why not a treat to yourself?

60. You'll enjoy the many possibilities with style.

The retail rug is undoubtedly a versatile and powerful option for you to decorate any corner of your home. The cool thing is that you can unleash your imagination without fear of making mistakes. After all, what matters is leaving your space with your personality.

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