Ribbon Braid: 30 Inspirations and Tutorials to Innovate Your Look

With a versatility that only the braid has, this hairstyle, besides being democratic, as it looks beautiful in any type or length of hair, also allows variations in the look, giving a very special look.

No matter the occasion, braids can be worn either at a special event or in daily routine, giving whim and care as well as practicality at the time it is designed.

The possible models vary widely, ranging from the simplest such as the side braid and cascade braid to the most complex such as the fish scale, Dutch and inlaid braids, varying according to the creativity and aptitude of those who perform them.

A beautiful variation of this hairstyle can be performed by adding a ribbon, usually made of satin, at the time of braiding the hair, making it look more fun and delicate.

5 braids with ribbon for you to learn

Although it requires a little patience and attention, it is an easy hairstyle to reproduce. Here are some suggestions for a variety of styles and how to create amazing braids combined with ribbons:

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1. Side ribbon braid

In this video blogger Priscila Barbosa teaches how to perform two side braids with interwoven ribbons on both sides. Your suggestion is to use the hairstyle at parties of St. John, but it is possible to extend its use to any occasion.

2. Double Braid Tiara

Featuring two possibilities for hairstyles, this tutorial initially teaches you how to make a double braided strip, each with a different ribbon color. For an even more enhanced look, the second option is to add two side braids, also using different color ribbons.

3. Boxing braid with ribbons

The boxer braid, darling of famous and sportsmen, consists of two side braids, but these are braided from the root of the hair, resulting in an elaborate and stylish look. In this suggestion, a red ribbon was added on each side, making the hairstyle even more charming.

4. Four braids with ribbon

Despite the title, these braid models can be used on any occasion, just use only one ribbon color. With the first side braid option, starting from the bangs, it is possible to braid all the hair, stop in half and make a ponytail, braid only one strand or finish it in a high bun.

With countless possibilities, just let your creativity run wild and adapt any braid style just by adding it to your favorite color. If you don't have a lot of braiding skills, keep in mind that the more you practice, the easier it will be to style your hairstyle.

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30 photos of braids with ribbon to inspire you

Need more inspiration to play with this hairstyle? Then check out a selection of ribbon braids for a devastating look:

1. Look beautiful in short hair

2. And in the long ones too

3. It is possible to innovate and use tapes with different materials

4. It is worth matching the ribbon with the color of the clothes

5. A mohawk braid is all that was missing for a striking look

6. Ideal option for dust lovers

7. Following the full length of the hair from side to end

8. How about a look full of personality?

9. With neon tone ribbons

10. Using two different shades of ribbons

11. Finished with a beautiful bow

12. Can be used on children.

13. But also looks beautiful in adults

14. Full-bodied, more formal-looking hairstyle

15. Adding Contrast to Light-Hued Hair

16. Matches all hair styles

17. Just Don't Be Afraid To Dare

18. Is a good choice for a high bun

19. Ideal for hot days

20. The most romantic will love it!

21. How about this hairstyle for a special occasion?

22. Merging two shades is always a good idea

23. Highlight the chosen ribbon

24. Beautiful Hairstyle in Waterfall

25. For those who love to keep their necks free

26. Here the look is complemented by a beautiful flower

27. Braiding the tape more than once

28. Adding Color to Dark-Tone Hair

29. Are there any ways to pierce the tape?

30. Let creativity flow!

Regardless of your style, braids have the versatility to adapt to various tastes. If you add the ribbon when braiding it, a hairstyle full of beauty and style is guaranteed. Just don't forget: let the creativity roll and the more you practice, the easier it will be to style your hairstyle.

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