Romantic Breakfast: Surprise Who You Love With These Ideas

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Breakfast is the main meal of the day. How about making this moment more charming, intimate and perfect for enjoying two? The time has come to prepare a romantic breakfast, which can range from a well-designed table to something simple but meaningful.

Below you will find very creative recipes for your breakfast, with heart-shaped treats and different coffees. And finally, the best tips for organizing your romantic breakfast and impressing your better half.

7 Recipes for Romantic Breakfast

What can not miss in a romantic breakfast? Touches of love, of course! The recipes below have no mystery in preparation and are a treat to the eye.

1. Full romantic breakfast

Delicious food, fruits and a good juice: is it a good choice for breakfast or not? To make this meal more special, it is worth taking care of the details and presentation. From fruit to egg bread, everything can take on a very delicate heart shape. Does the video above teach you several tricks to rock your coffee? and the tip of the baked bacon is amazing.

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2. Crispy Waffle

If you have a home waffle maker, it's time to use it. Unlike traditional recipes, which are cuter, this one has a touch of cornstarch, which ensures a crunchier texture. You can serve with hazelnut cream and strawberries, with dulce de leche, fruit jellies or even with curd. Check out the full recipe.

3. Nutella Cupcake

More than delicious food, a romantic breakfast is worth betting on a more elaborate presentation. Cupcakes, for example, are delicious to eat and pleasing to the eye as well. The cool thing about this recipe is that only three ingredients are used for the cake: flour, eggs and Nutella. Spy the way of preparation.

4. Creamy Cappuccino

A respectful breakfast needs to have a very delicious coffee. This cappuccino here has an incredible texture and an ideal flavor to start the day off. For cappuccino powder you need powdered milk, instant coffee, sugar, cinnamon, freshly grated nutmeg, vanilla sugar and, if you like, a touch of chocolate powder. Combine this mixture with milk or fresh cream and serve in your most beautiful cup. See the step by step.

5. Heart Cake

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Romantic breakfast suits surprises. How about cutting a cake and finding another cake? heart shaped! ? inside him? The cool thing is that this double delight is not too complicated to do. To not go wrong, follow the measures indicated in the recipe to the letter. You will need wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, milk, butter, eggs, oil, vanilla extract and food coloring. See more in the video.

6. Rainbow Heart Cookie

To melt the heart of the one you love, a cookie of those that melt in your mouth. The ingredient list includes wheat flour, cornstarch, room temperature butter, icing sugar, vanilla essence, egg yolks, colored sprinkles and food coloring. The preparation may be a little laborious and patience-intensive, but the result is so beautiful that it makes it all worth it.

7. Heart Shaped Pancake

Nothing more romantic for a breakfast than some hearts. How about leaving your pancakes in this all delicate shape? It may be simpler than you might think! The video above teaches how to create a heart-shaped cutter using a cardboard box, aluminum foil, scissors and tape. In addition, it also has an accurate American pancake recipe, perfect for breakfast in a "just love" climate.

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In addition to the recipes, your romantic breakfast can also have breads, jellies, cheese, juice, various fruits and whatever you prefer.

Tips for a romantic breakfast

Yes, love can fill belly. But taking care of the details of your romantic breakfast can also raise the mood of passion in your home. See the tips!

1. Capriche on the table

Do you know those dishes you keep for a special occasion? It's time to use it! Beautiful trays, different glasses, napkins, ornaments? A respectful table will make your romantic breakfast even more memorable.

2. The decoration makes all the difference

In addition to the table set, you can decorate the environment to make the experience even more exciting.Flower arrangements are always welcome, as are heart-shaped balloons. Use the imagination!

3. Don't Forget Your Love's Favorite Dishes

In addition to the recipe tips above, do not miss for breakfast something that is your favorite. It can be a fruit juice, a special cake or even some salty. It shows how much you pay attention to who you love. Is there anything better?

4. A good soundtrack can not miss

What are the songs that marked your relationship? Which have a special meaning? It's time to put together a playlist of these songs and let it roll down over the romantic breakfast. It will give a very different climate.

5. Add a personal touch

How about boosting this romantic breakfast with some little things that are all about your relationship? Make a selection of your favorite photos, choose decorative objects that have something to do with your story, or even write a tender note on a paper napkin. It may sound simple, but small gestures like these make every moment unique.

6. Make a surprise

It's okay that it's always good to have more people organizing a beautiful and romantic breakfast table. However, a surprise breakfast for your husband, wife or big guy can also be a very nice idea. If you have children, you can call the children to participate in the surprise organization. Surely they will find the maximum. Make a coffee in bed full of romance or set up a corner in the living room or kitchen.

7. No commemorative date required

It's okay that a birthday or Valentine's Day breakfast is pretty cool. But know that you don't have to stick to calendar dates to promote such special, out-of-routine moments. How about celebrating a simple Tuesday or a sunny day?

8. Enjoy the moment

A pretty table for breakfast sure clicks on Instagram. However, try to set your phone aside a bit and enjoy a few minutes of more connection with the person with you. Social networks can wait a little while.

Don't have a lot of time to make a romantic breakfast? Worth a whim in another meal. Get inspired by these 80 afternoon snack recipes to become a real feast!

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