Rose Decorated Nails: 80 Inspirations and Home-Made Tutorials

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The rose decorated nails are quite popular and the favorite of many people. They can be delicate, bold, full of details or form the perfect match with other colors.

To inspire you, we have prepared a list of 80 photos of rose decorated nails and have chosen some tutorials for you to learn to do at home quickly and easily.

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Nails decorated simple roses

Simple decorated nails bring designs, glitter, sticky films and more. They are the top choices for those who want to put a little more charm in enamel.

1. To start the list, nothing better than decorated nails of course roses

2. The baby pink decorated nails are very cute

3. Short nails can also be decorated

4. Pink gum decorated nails are very flashy

5. This mix of pink and green decorated nail colors is exotic and beautiful

6. Glitter is one of the options for rose decorated nails

7. This inspiration with little stars is very cute

8. Rose Decorated Nail Art Design Can Be A Cartoon Character You Like

9. Or something that has your face

10. Look how perfect this detail of nail writing

11. Pink is also widely used for flamingo designs.

12. This model is very popular for bringing pink decorated nails with black

13. One more pink and black model

14. This pink and black animal print model is very beautiful!

15. Drawings may come full of details.

16. Or they may be quite simple

17. This very tropical model suits summer

18. For romantics on duty, how about this inspiration?

19. For those who want protection

20. This inspiration brings glitter, flowers and francesinha

21. One option for rose decorated nails is to use geometric shapes.

22. Butterflies are a classic when decorating nails

23. Nail design can be psychedelic style

24. Pink can also be one of the colors in a mermaid-inspired decor.

25. How about a bubble gum with balls?

26. The rose decorated nails are beautiful and can bring out personality traits

27. There are those who like them well flowered

28. There are those who prefer few details when decorating them

29. Is it possible to mix styles

30. Hearts are also darling when decorating nails

31. This superfashion and tropical style is very beautiful

32. You can decorate it according to the commemorative dates.

33. Ties are also popular when choosing decor

34. The design should match you

35. With your personal tastes

36. Lace can also be chosen for nail decoration

37. Pink can also be the background of candy and candy-inspired decorations.

38. Pink nails bring a certain delicacy

39. This combination of pink and gray made the decor well balanced.

40. Can you not fall in love?

As you have seen, it is possible to make the rose nails much more beautiful with decorated details or stickers. Just pick your style and rock it out with your decorated nails.

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Nails decorated roses with jewelry

Jeweled nails are becoming a favorite when choosing a decoration style. They are elegant, full of details and resemble crystals. Fall in love with these inspirations of rose decorated nails with jewelry.

41. Rose-decorated nails with jewelry look beautiful with a touch of glitter

42. Look how perfect this mix of details

43. Nails decorated with antique pink with gemstone

44. Very beautiful this inspiration of dark pink decorated nails with the details of the jewels

45. Candy colors and jewelery for amazing nails

46. ​​Another model with candy colors and jewelry

47. Decorated neon pink nails are the darlings of the moment

48. This popcorn on an only child has become a love, isn't it?

49. Nails decorated with roses and buds

50. The only child can bring the stones, as in this example of pink and white decorated nails

51. To keep the classic, how about pink nails with francesinha?

52. This very chic pink-and-gold nail model

53. Look what a luxury!

54. Pink and blue decorated nails are very popular

55. Another pink and blue nail model

56. Wealth in Details

57. Some would rather dare more

58. Nails decorated pink pink: how can you not love?

59. Shades matching pink can be perfect for decoration

60. Some prefer frosted nail polish

61. Look at the perfection of these stones

62. The combination of these shades is up, how about using it on nails?

63. You can wear jewelry on an only child

64. Nail jewelry brings elegance and values ​​its shape

65It's in love, isn't it?

66. This rose with the stones is perfect

67. For those who like to keep their nails discreet, this is a great option.

68. One more option for the delicate

69. This unusual mix of light pink and red is amazing

70. Animal print jewelry: a perfect match

71. You can choose different styles on each nail.

72. Look what a creative idea for short nails

73. That's a beautiful inspiration for medium size nails.

74. This universe-inspired model is exciting

75. Jewels, more jewelry to make your nails look wonderful

76. Another color combination is pink and yellow: they adorn very well

77. You can mix shades of pink

78. They can be a true work of art.

79. Jewelry Makes Nails Decorated Perfect Roses

80. Just pick your style and rock it

Thus, jewelry can make your nails decorated elegant roses and even turn them into a work of art. These are details that make all the difference when choosing your decoration model.

Step by Step: Nail Decorated Roses

How about learning how to make home-decorated nails? YouTube tutorials will help you learn various styles when decorating your pink nails.

Nails decorated double charge pink

This technique, also called One Stroke, is a technique where you can make roses and nail flowers. In this video you will learn how to detail the petals when decorating them.

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Pink and black with hearts

In the video you will learn a technique of drawing and color mixing. He will teach one of the most traditional models of pink nails: the mix of pink and black colors with details of hearts.

Jaguar Decorated Nails

The technique taught in this video is animal print, animal prints. This one is inspired by jaguars and mixes pink with earthy tones. It is a well known technique and one of the most popular models when decorating nails.

Jeweled nails

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Here, you will learn how to apply jewelry on your rose nails. The video teaches the most basic techniques for those just starting to decorate their nails on their own.

How to apply rhinestones

In the video you will learn how to apply rhinestones to your pink nude nails. Here the technique is already more elaborate and needs more care, attention and practice. But the video brings the application step by step, which will make it easier to do.

The tutorials bring you step by step from the most traditional models of rose decorated nails, from the simple to the most elaborate. By following the instructions in the video, you can have home-made nail nails.

As we have seen, the rose decorated nails can be simple or very worked with perfect details. The models are diverse and you can choose the one that best suits your style and personality. It's easy to fall in love with those amazing nails, isn't it?

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