Ruffled Blouse: 60 Ways to Wear the Garment and How to Make Your

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The ruffled blouse is that key piece to take the look of simplicity. Simply choose a model of your own to make the production more fun, elegant and often romantic or sensual.

And with a variety of models at your disposal, the ideal is to find a ruffled blouse that matches many other pieces you already have in your collection, so that it is also a great resource for countless occasions. Want to be inspired by some creative productions? Just check out the following list:

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    From the most classic options to the most extravagant ones: it has drooled for all tastes and styles. Doubt? Look at the proof:

    1. This shirt featured very discreet ruffles at the shoulders, cuffs and collar

    2. While in this piece the frill is the main highlight

    3. See how the combination of blue and green makes all the difference.

    4. The detail that starts at the shoulders and accompanies the whole neckline is a charm only

    5. This model is very welcome in corporate environments.

    6. How about combining your ruffle blouse with a fancy vinyl skirt?

    7. The cutout of this blouse added a romantic atmosphere to the look

    8. The shoulder-to-shoulder ruffle blouse gives all that gypsy mood to the piece

    9. And goes great with jeans

    10. In addition to the ruffles, this shirt also featured a neck tie

    11. This creatively cut top has a frill on just one sleeve

    12. Ruffled sleeveless blouse and midi skirt ensure the most discreet look

    13. For a casual look, you can combine a print blouse with basic black pants

    14. Black and white is a classic and will never go out of style.

    15. The ruffle blouse is responsible for adding delicacy to the composition

    16. Or make the production more youthful and fun

    17. Elegance with a slim skirt and frilly shoulder-to-shoulder blouse

    18. A very clean look with light and very delicate tones

    19. You'll find it from discreet frilly blouse

    20. Even something elegantly more flashy

    21. With a monochrome composition, there's no mistake

    22. This lace top has a soft frill on the front

    23. The cropped version with high waist pants is a classic

    24. The asymmetry of this shirt is very charming, don't you think?

    25. In this transparent blouse, the frill created a discreet volume in the breast region

    26. With the satin fabric, the blouse guarantees a refinement of the garment.

    27. Here the frill was present in the blouse bar

    28. For a relaxing day, fresh blouse with wrecked jeans and flats

    29. Shoulder Ruffles Dispense Shoulder Bulk

    30. Aren't the details on the sleeves funny?

    31. When the ruffled blouse is part of a cute little ensemble

    32. This little model had a peplum bar

    33. Cropped gets ruffled even in the handles

    34. The denim silk blouse is the hi-lo you needed to see today

    35. If the idea is to invest in a versatile garment, choose a basic black blouse.

    36. A classic model for the most special occasions

    37. Here the peplum begins just below the golden belt

    38. That little thing that is passion at first sight

    39. For the winter, the ruffled wool blouse is a prime

    40. Ruffles create a charming volume on the shirt, don't you think?

    41. In this option, the seams of the sleeves were duly

    42. While she got little frills and a charming bow tie

    43. The long, bulky sleeves made everything even more sophisticated.

    44. Isn't this lace at the neckline fun?

    45. By the way, ruffled blouses even match sneakers

    46. ​​And meet the most diverse personalities

    47. And you can still create mixes of styles and ensure a beautiful result.

    48. These pierced ruffled blouses are pretty timeless

    49. When Ties and Ruffles Mingle

    50. This white blouse and plaid blouse is perfect

    51. If you bet on a fresh little set like this, flatform will complete the look

    52. The ruffled sleeveless model took the look from the basics

    53. With pantacourt, your look will have a little foot in the contemporary

    54. Frilly chess? how to resist?

    55. A little heel and striped pants will make everything more social.

    56. Sensuality is guaranteed with leather and transparency.

    57. The Golden Flats and Necklace Drew the Total White from the Basics

    58. With the shoulders off, the choker gets more prominence

    59. A total chic executive look, would you agree?

    60. Even the blouse has earned its frilly charm

    Perfect, don't you think? Proof that the frill is not an option just for those who like to draw attention.

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    Videos of how to make frilly shirt

    If you love to get your hands dirty, take a look at the following tutorials and learn how to make your own shirt:

    Making a peplum blouse

    In this video, the vlogueira teaches how to easily execute a ruffled peplum blouse with piquet fabric. The result is amazing.

    Sleeve and ruffle blouse

    Using a viscose blouse as a model, the piece executed in this video has a beautiful floral fabric, but you can choose any pattern during your manual work.

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    How to Make a Gypsy Blouse

    The Gypsy Blouse is a model that never goes out of style, and in this video you will learn how to execute the piece with your favorite and elastic fabric.

    You will find a variety of ruffled blouse designs to meet any of your goals: from a romantic and elegant look to a production full of sensuality and personality. And believe me, the piece will accompany you for several seasons with great elegance.

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