Safflower Oil: Discover How It Can Help With Weight Loss

You may have heard about the benefits of safflower oil, especially for those who exercise and want to wipe out that unwanted fat from the abdomen.

But this is exactly where one question stands out: Is physical activity really necessary? Or is safflower oil so effective that it can be useful even for those who don't exercise but want to lose some body fat?

Before clarifying this doubt, Pâmela Miguel, a nutritionist at the São Paulo Functional Nutrition Clinic, explains what safflower oil is and what benefits it can actually offer. Check it out below:

What is safflower oil?

Pâmela Miguel explains that safflower oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of the Asian-origin Carthamus tinctorius plant and is rich in linoleic acid known as omega 6. Safflower oil also contains omega 9 and polyphenols in its composition. ?, he adds.

Safflower oil is found in capsule form at most health food stores and handling pharmacies.

Benefits of Safflower Oil

Pamela explains that safflower oil, being rich in poly and monounsaturated fats, helps in promoting satiety. "That's because it increases the production of leptin hormone and also acts by blocking the action of the protein lipase enzyme (responsible for transporting fat from the bloodstream into cells)," he says.

Still according to the nutritionist, its omega 6 (linoleic acid) content offers the following benefits:

  • Assists in the protection against the formation of fat plaques in arteries and veins;
  • Protects against prostate cancer and type 2 diabetes;
  • Prevents osteoporosis;
  • Maintains skin health.

Nutritionist Pamela explains that omega 9, also present in safflower oil, helps in lowering blood triglycerides, reduces bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and increases good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol).

Pamela adds that safflower oil also contains vitamin E, which acts as a natural antioxidant preventing aging.

"Some studies also indicate that this oil may help increase fat burning, contributing to weight loss," says the nutritionist.

Can safflower oil really help me lose weight?

This is probably the question you are asking yourself now, especially after reading about the benefits that safflower oil offers.

According to nutritionist Pamela, the promise of safflower oil weight loss may be related to the promotion of satiety caused by its consumption.

“Fat burning will only be effective if safflower oil consumption is associated with physical activity, because only then will oxidation of fat, stimulated by omega 6, occur and fat will be used as form of energy ?, highlights the professional.

Pamela adds that when the consumption of safflower oil is not associated with physical activity, fat oxidation will occur, but it will not be used as a form of energy and may accumulate in organs such as the liver. Therefore, this point deserves a lot of attention!

Who Should Consume Safflower Oil?

With the above information, it is clear: Safflower oil consumption is directed to physical activity practitioners, as highlighted by Pâmela Miguel.

"People with liver steatosis (liver fat) should avoid consumption," warns the nutritionist.

Because of this, although safflower oil does not require a prescription to purchase, it is important that you only start drinking it following the advice of your doctor and / or nutritionist.

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Safflower Oil Consumption

Pâmela Miguel explains that consumption should be one or two capsules before and after physical activity; or before lunch and dinner.

It is noteworthy that safflower oil does not work miracles: its consumption must be associated with healthy eating.

Safflower Oil Side Effects

As noted by nutritionist Pâmela, when not associated with physical activity, the consumption of safflower oil can promote the accumulation of fat in organs such as the liver.

Another important point, according to the professional, is that because it is rich in omega 6, a fatty acid present in large amounts in food, safflower oil can favor the production of inflammatory substances in the body. • For omega 3, 6 and 9 to have beneficial and anti-inflammatory effects on our body, they need to be in balance. Our diet is low in omega 3 sources and rich in omega 6 sources, so this excess of omega 6 in the body becomes inflammatory ?, explains.

For this reason, adds nutritionist Pamela, safflower oil, in addition to being associated with physical activity, should also be associated with omega 3 consumption.

Reports of those who have taken safflower oil

Julia Soares, 24, says she was already practicing physical activity and, at the suggestion of her nutritionist and her personal, started taking safflower oil. “They warned me that it would take me some time to start seeing the results and it really was, but it was worth it. In the third month, when I took the measurements at the gym, I saw that I had lost a few more inches in the abdomen ?, says.

Tatiana Medeiros, 31, did not have much patience? to wait for the results. ? I took it for a month but missed no measures? Then, as I ended up staying a few days without going to the gym, I also stopped taking the oil. But I don't think I achieved good results exactly because I didn't follow the instructions correctly. Capsules should be taken daily and also associated with healthy eating and physical activity to be effective. And I did not follow all this ?, comments.

Regina Munhoz, 33, has been taking safflower oil for over a year. But of course I also do physical activities. I think the oil helps a lot and my gut even works right after I started taking it ?, he says.

You now have good information about safflower oil, but remember: although it can offer many benefits? that go beyond the issue of weight loss? It is important to consult a doctor or nutritionist before starting your consumption.

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