Satin Blouses: How to Wear Them in Various Look Styles

If previously satin blouses were relegated to work looks and social events, the fashion now is to wear looks with this fabric in more casual and casual events. To give the much-desired informal touch, combining with pieces in other fabrics allows the look to be stripped but without losing its grace and lightness.

According to image and style consultant Renata Corsetti, the satin has its own trim and what will determine if the piece is suitable for the professional environment or for informal events is the raw material with which it was made. • The simplest satins should be worn on more informal occasions, while the more sophisticated satin calls for a special occasion. But the brightness of the fabric does not limit the occasion, can be used anytime and anywhere ?, ponders Renata.

As a piece that will remain in the wardrobe regardless of the fashion of the season, the consultant considers investing in a good quality satin a wise choice. Satin Boucol and Duchese are considered the noblest fabrics, among the many existing raw materials.

Who can use?

Because it is a fabric that marks the body a lot, women must be extra careful when choosing the satin piece. Also according to the consultant, the body shape is more apparent with the piece, so care is needed. "The size of the piece has to be correct, since the satin is a fluid fabric, so if it gets too tight, it will compromise the fit," he reveals.

And for a perfect fit, bringing the fabric to a seamstress to tailor clothing is an excellent option. However, the caution remains: “You cannot forget that the quality of the fabric and the seamstress is important for the satisfactory result”, recalls Renata. The consultant gives yet another tip when choosing the piece: "A-cuts are great options for satin pieces and score less."

How to wear satin blouses

Very comfortable, the satin pieces come to mind when thinking about lightness. However, Renata warns that not all satins are that light for summer days. Satin is undoubtedly a soft fabric. But if it is poor quality or very full, prevents perspiration, then is not advised for very hot days ?, reveals the consultant. Because of its high yarn density, which prevents vision between the wefts, satin is not a transparent fabric and is therefore more than released for work environments.

Since satin is usually a brighter and therefore striking piece, it is important to be aware of the balance between the pieces. "Bright satins ask for more neutral pieces, but can be mixed with other types of fabric without any problem," says Renata.

With respect to the colors of the satin pieces, one can dare:? Can everything. The fabric comes in many different colors. The ideal is to use the colors determined in your color chart (made with a color analysis) so that the colors value your skin tone ?, says the consultant.

Check out ideas on how to combine satin blouses in various styles.

Look 1

Look 2

Where to buy satin blouses?

Available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, satin blouses can be easily found at specialty women's stores. Check out some of the models available in the market:

Pink satin blouse for R $ 49,90 at Dafiti

Blue satin tank top with swimmer back for R $ 159,00 at OQVestir

Satin Blouse with Neckline and 3/4 Sleeves for $ 59.00 at Fashion Delivery

Satin Blouse with Collar Detail for R $ 59.99 at Posthaus

Printed Satin Cotton Blouse for R $ 85,90 at Posthaus

Black Cotton Satin Blouse
Sleeveless, mullet, button-down shirt with shoulder buttons for R $ 65,90 at Posthaus

Orange Satin Blouse with Chain Strap for R $ 49,90 at Cia da Moda Mulher

Coral color satin shirt for R $ 179,90 at Amaro

Get inspired by bloggers to wear your satin blouse

Wearing satin blouses is not difficult, just get inspired and follow your style when composing the look. Here's a selection of blogger looks with satin blouses in a variety of styles so you can learn and create your own combinations.

Care of the part

Satin is generally a fabric that kneads easily. Again, the fabric's raw material is what will determine if the garment will knead more easily. Carefully reading the internal label, as well as washing and ironing as recommended, will make the piece last longer and retain its characteristics. According to Renata, a good option for more delicate fabrics, such as silk satin, is dry cleaning.

Follow the tips and adopt the satin blouses in your everyday looks and also for special occasions.


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