Satin Francesinha

When in doubt between different enamel colors, make french fingernail It's a basic option, but perfect for any type of clothing and occasion. If you are a fan of francesinha, you know that care must be taken to ensure the durability of the nail polish for a few days. Over the days the nail polish comes out and then you have to run for the manicure to redo the whole process.

To solve the problem of chipped dots that leave the look sloppy, a technique was created that uses satin ribbons to give the francesinha more durability.

The novelty of the technique is that painting lasts much longer and saves you that weekly routine in the salon and is great for women who love to paint their nails with colored nail polish on weekends but are forced to take it off because of the work, college and other cases.

How is the satin francesinha different?

THE french satin or definitive french uses bits of satin ribbon, which are glued to the fingernails representing the whiteness that is traditionally made with enamel. You can even enjoy the canopy climate and use colored satin. The tape takes about three months to completely come out of the nails, which is expected to grow according to growth.

But here comes the concern and at the same time the curiosity as to how a Frenchwoman can last her nails for three months and what to do when she wants to put on other colored nail polish during those months.

The answer to all this is simple, the french satin This is big news for the beauty world and many women don't believe it, but nail durability is really amazing.

While with permanent french Other nail polish can be passed over the nails without risking satin or damaging the color of the nail polish. In addition, when removing the nail polish applied with acetone, there is no need to worry as the french satin It does not change.

How is satin francesinha made?

Firstly the nails are washed and well treated so that they look healthy. Then, an extension of false nails is applied with gel or specialized acrylic resin. After this process, the false nails should be well sanded so that they are even with the natural and without any curl. It is indicated to pass moisturizing oil based on nails to give more strength to the nails.

Once the first step of fixing false nails and sanding well is completed, comes the most important part of the procedure and one that requires a lot of skill. The satin ribbon is cut into ten equal pieces to be glued over the false nail, leaving nothing out of place.

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The pieces of tape are attached to the nails and the silicone gel is applied all over the nail. Next you need to get your hands in a U.V cabin in order to do the drying. It is important to remember that this cabin is a specialized appliance for professional use of manicures.

In the third and final step, the nails should be completely sanded again to make sure that there are no curls, then the permanent base is applied. This base is the big secret, which allows the application of so that any other nail polish over the satin ribbon without staining. Finally the definitive french is ready.

Nail maintenance is very practical and should be done every 15 days. As your natural nails grow, you just have to sand the fake nails, so the satin will gradually come out renewing your own nails over time.

Because it is a longer and more laborious technique, its cost of french satin It is a little higher. Durability must also be taken into account.

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